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02 October 2007

Anti-Rush Limbaugh Smear Campaign,


Smear Train's Next Stop: Land Of Make-Believe

*** NEW POST: Reid Overestimates Influence, Gets Burned ***

Ready to take the left's dishonest, anti- Rush Limbaugh smear campaign a major step further, an "anti- war veterans" group is unveiling an attack ad that will soon air on major television networks.

Somehow, a group called not only cooked up an anti- Limbaugh hit piece at lightning speed, it had no trouble coughing up $60,000 for the occasion. Get the feeling the left had been planning this attack for some time?

Get a load of the lefties on the board of Partisanship, anyone?

According to The Hill, the new smear ad will air on CNN and FOX, as well as during Limbaugh's own radio show on key affiliates! Since we know and can easily prove the group's assertions are based on a lie, why are networks willing to run this crap?

From The Hill's coverage:

The ad features Brian McGough, a veteran who was injured and received the Purple Heart.

“More and more troops and veterans of Iraq believe George Bush’s military policy has been a disaster ... I am one of them,” McGough said. “Rush Limbaugh called vets like me ‘phony soldiers’ for telling the truth about Iraq. Rush, the shrapnel I took to my head was real. My traumatic brain injury was real. And my belief that we are on the wrong course in Iraq is real. Until you have the guts to call me a ‘phony solider’ to my face, stop telling lies about my service.”

The ad is a play on Limbaugh’s on-air Monday challenge to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) to repeat what he had said on the Senate floor about the talk show host to his face.

Here's the ad in question:

Clearly, the Soros Smear Train has just pulled into Land Of Make- Believe Station. Is there anything more disgusting than the level of sheer dishonesty that powers their movement? How can conservatives hope to fight back against a campaign funded by billionaire elitists?

Meanwhile, if concerned veterans truly want to be outraged over something, how about spending that money denouncing the treatment their fellow soldiers recently received in America- hating Oakland, California?

Michelle Malkin has more:

Two days ago, an e-mail about the rude treatment of Marines and soldiers returning from Iraq started making the rounds on the Internet. The brother of one of the mistreated troops who described the incident at Oakland Airport works on the Hill. The brother forwarded his family member’s e-mail around.

The e-mail is real, contrary to the Daily Kos nut who dismissed it as “fake” without any evidence whatsoever (can you say p-r-o-j-e-c-t-i-o-n). I contacted the Navy chaplain who serves with the Marines to verify the e-mail on Friday. He confirmed.

Now that sounds like a real outrage. What are the odds of Soros & Friends funding an ad denouncing that?

AT NEWSBUSTERS: Will media outlets wisely run away from phony Rush story? Meanwhile, CNN's still pounding O'Reilly over the faux racism flap.

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  • Let me guess, the VETERANS at vote vets are fake too??

    Hanbgyourhead in shame scum bag right wingers, they are REAL VETERANS

    and as far as Micelle Malkin, anoter cookie cutter right wing hack looking to make a nme fo herself and get hired for a bigger media outlet.

    People disrespecting the troops at airports? an E-mail to Malkin is more credible to you FREAKS than actul veterans???? Why wuld somebody demounce this, when where is no credibility to an emal sent to this hack's blog

    You people realy are sick in the head.

    These cons provethe left's point, any troop who is nt a Bushie o dittohead is a FKE troops. Brian just smeared vote vets.

    America understand who hates the troops, hat woud be the radica right. America is sick to death of you freaks uing them s props.

    You dared to smear vote vets?
    disgusting Anti-american scum bags

    party over countr all the time
    America swith VOTE VETS, not Limbaugh

    2008, is going to be brutal, America sees what the right is all about

    they support BUSH, not the troops, they support the WAR not the troops

    The rght in all thir glory, caling votevetrs, fake soldiers.
    I seriously desise you degenrate freaks of nature, you are sck n the head.

    I happen to be a lieral of faith, Brian, you will be a tortured soul fr all eternity, sufferng

    Your going to pay Brian, G*D will make sure of it.

    Bad news the all mighty does not take party over coutry.

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 02 October, 2007 12:52  

  • Only 11 vets don't like the war? Out of how many?

    By Blogger Mike Lewis, at 02 October, 2007 13:01  

  • Some "Minister of Propaganda", at least the KGB could spell like they had been to school.

    Let me educate you, "Minister". Sen Tom Harkin (D-IA) is an actual "phony soldier" himself. He claimed to have been a combat pilot over North Vietnam during his Senate campaign, and then again seeking the Democrat Presidential Nomination in 1992. Well, guess what? He's a phony, he was never in Vietnam at all. He has the nerve to claim that he's a defender of the troops? Bull$hi'ite!

    We will see who the American people side with in this sorry "propaganda" episode. The "Betray-us" ad was a complete disaster for the Democrats who hoped to exploit it for their own political gains. It blew up in their faces, and rightly so. Now they just want to get back on offense, and sling mud at others. They are a bunch of "hack" losers, and so are you "Minister".

    By the way, why "Minister"? America's ministers are in church, not some Ministry of Propaganda communist brainwashing outfit.

    Get a life, jerk.

    By Blogger Brian72, at 02 October, 2007 13:17  

  • One other thing, "Minister":

    You could not even approach the intelligence, professionalism, and integrity of Michelle Malkin. She is a real supporter and defender of our military, the troops themselves and the mission they fight for. For you to call Michelle a "hack", is akin to Senator Harkin (D-IA) being upset about a "phony soldier" when he himself is the biggest phony in the whole country.

    Michelle would eat you for lunch, you leftarded idiot. I would stay away from that one, if I were you.

    Thank God I'm not.

    By Blogger Brian72, at 02 October, 2007 13:27  

  • Brian72

    What does Harkin have to do with vote vets? Nothing, Maloney called votevets, phony

    and bad news for you. The Move on ad, most Americans 100% agree with, as support for the war, dropped right after The General spoke
    Move on was hardly a disaster for the Democrats, all your little whining about move on, did nothing, Americans do not want to stay in Iraq, after the Petraus hearing, the numbers dropped furthur.
    You clowns are so far out of step with reailty it is astonishing. The average American iss talking about leaving Iraq, not move on's advertisment, only loonatics like YOU are discussing this, NOBODY CARES, NOBODY supports your party any longer, Americans want out of Iraq, Petraus could not even sell it to the American people. Move on, a disaster for the Democrats?

    Please do keep listening to Rush, because just like in 2006, you will be in denial until you LOSE, than you will have excuses. Limbaugh shields you from the reality that the American people, no longer trust the GOP, not on a single issue, including TERRORISM. I hope you shriek about move on until November of next year, Americans are ignoring your worthless drama
    I cant wait to hear Guiliani talk about Move on at the presidential debate, that will really score points.
    How many ways tdo I need to repeat the same thing, the GOP is hated by America, get used to it. You laughed at me in 2006, I was 100% correct. The GOP refuses to listen to the American people, they will pay in November 2008, mark my woerd. Appeasing the moonbat 29%ers who worship Rush and live by a set of slogans (such as Maloney) will not win elections. It is not 2001 anymore, you destroyed your trust with the American people.

    MOVE ON IS DAMAGING THE DEMOCRATS, BEST LINE ALL DAY. You can sell it any way you want, America is nbot buying the Petraus report, America no longer buys the Iraq war. I speak for the vast majority, you speak for .001% of the population that takes limbaugh seriously. Please keep it up!!!!

    Shrieking "commie" and "9-11" is not working anymore. Shrieking 'move on" is not working anymore. America moved beyond your bullshit

    i saw hire limbagh as a campaign advisor, make "move on" your campaign strategy!!! It is working so well now!!!

    "vote for the GOP, we dont like move on"!!!!!

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 02 October, 2007 13:34  

  • and as far as Malkin, a filthy hack, who takes party over country. In a debate I would leave her crying. This is why they dont have REAL AMERICANS debate, but rather cookie cutter hacks

    I dont suck co*k for jobs either, Michelle obviously got out the knee pads. I outclass her in every manner, I deal with facts, I dont cater to a political party, Malkin's job is to cheerlead for the GOP. Don't make me laugh. If I wanted to sell my soul to the GOP, I could be on TV just like her, but I take America first, half-wit

    Hell hire Malkin for the GOP, she will attract voters!!!! "I support the war first", exactly what America is thinking, right??

    America rejects Coulter, Malkin ands whatever traitor you put on the T.V

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 02 October, 2007 13:38  

  • "Rush Limbaugh is documented to be one of the most avid supporters of the troops."

    The only problem is, how many of the troops actually support Limbaugh, if only 35% of them support Bush's handling of the war, but 41% do not?

    Without an equal amount of progressive programming broadcast, there is NO reason our tax dollars should be going to blast the Pigman's degenerate filth at personnel who could conceivably be in harm's way, at a moment's notice.

    Maybe this subversive programming along with all of the involuntary Bible-thumping is why their performance in theater has been so abysmal in the first place.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 02 October, 2007 13:46  

  • >>>Let me guess, the VETERANS at vote vets are fake too??

    Boy, and the lies just keep on a'comin. Did anybody say those vets were fake? Show me where anybody said that, you lying sack of pus.

    By Blogger David Batlle, at 02 October, 2007 13:47  

  • "You could not even approach the intelligence, professionalism, and integrity of Michelle Malkin."

    The shirt laundress?

    Take the needle out of your arm, Bri.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 02 October, 2007 13:48  

  • Michelle would eat you for lunch, you leftarded idiot. I would stay away from that one, if I were you.

    I welcoms the hack to debate me, but who Am I, I podcast. If you know her ands she is looking for a real debate, tell her to contact me, I will take it easy on her. I don't want to destroy her career, after being defeated by a podcaster after all I'm a nice guy.

    difference between her and I, she does this for the $$$, there is a lot of money when you shill for the right, I do this because I despise the right and love America

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 02 October, 2007 13:48  

  • "Boy, and the lies just keep on a'comin. Did anybody say those vets were fake? Show me where anybody said that, you lying sack of pus."

    Maybe it's in the part of Rush's transcript that he edited out himself?

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 02 October, 2007 13:51  

  • Miniprop, about Michelle Malkin:

    I outclass her in every manner, I deal with facts, I dont cater to a political party...

    Mini: Do you live in one of those carnival fun houses, with the distorting mirrors? You simply write too many absurdities in a row to comment on. By the way, Michelle Malkin is a Fox News contributor who subs for O'Reilly and has ratings that far surpass those of her nearest sub rival--so expect to see and hear more of her. Maybe you can come up with some new obscenities that pass through the filters.

    By Blogger Chromium, at 02 October, 2007 13:58  

  • "dont suck co*k for jobs either, Michelle obviously got out the knee pads. I outclass her in every manner, I deal with facts, I dont cater to a political party, Malkin's job is to cheerlead for the GOP."

    Now that's a classy, intellectual debate if I ever heard one! You are such a genius, I can't believe I underestimated you!

    "The shirt laundress?

    Take the needle out of your arm, Bri.

    02 October, 2007 13:48"

    Oh we have a guy who is named "hashfanatic" telling me I'm high!
    Plus sexist racism to boot! You libs are so tolerant and understanding of minorities!

    Hahahahaha!! Pathetic, hateful mindless drivel. I'm done with you two jerkoffs. Have a nice day!

    By Blogger Brian72, at 02 October, 2007 13:58  

  • Missouri

    Everything I posted is true
    Brian put "quotes" around the term "veterans", indicating he implies they are phony...... and the right wing attack, did not damage the Democrats, it only shifted America furthur in favor of leaving Iraq, as indicated by all the polls after the Petraus report.

    I indicated that Malkin is in the business for $$, not because she is a patriot, I prove that easily, just read her Anti-american blog. Right wing hate sells, idiots like you buy it and watch it

    I mentioned that prior to the 2006 elections, I told you the GOP was going down, you freaks of nature laughed at me and I was right, like I'm most of the time.

    I posted not a single absurdity. I posted all FACTS, all dealing with the reality, you have yet to face. america rejected the GOP and will furthur reject the GOP next year

    and yes, you can quote me on it, Malkin is a talentless Bush hack, who sucked C*ck to get her job. You after all beleieve Clinton killed Vince foster, so I can believe the obvious, Malkin uses ad-hom attacks every single day, so therefore if the show fits.

    you no longwer own the debates, you do not control the discourse anymore, the Gingrich revolution is over, Reagan is dead, and his policies will soon be dead too.

    Everything Limbaugh says about "libs" I will say about you, you filthy pukes. Want me to stop, you stop. Get your echo chamber under control. The right cant debate without ad-hom attacks, I can, I deal with facts, sheep like Missouri call my facts absurdity. Was it absurd in september of 2006, when I told you degenerates your party was going to lose??????????????????????????
    Deal with it Missouri, without training and a advisor, I can beat your finest at their own game. Bring on, the Malkin, I will destroy her. The truth always wins

    Meanwhile, America as of today, 285 of the country still consider themselves Republicans

    You want to dish it, but can't take it. If Coulter and the rest can insult "liberals" every day , I will continue to insult Malkin and the rest every fucking day

    You do not control anything any longer.

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 02 October, 2007 14:10  

  • Brian
    I could cae less what Malkin's race is, she is a dirty liar

    Cons, whipping out the race card.


    all cons have is a gimmick they want to sell on the TV, Maloney, your not cute enough to be a pundit, grow breasts.

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 02 October, 2007 14:11  

  • If the moveon, media matters, and hollyweird crowd haven't turned people against the Dems then the jerk with a Hillary in '08 bumpersticker who pulled up alongside my wife, who was driving my vehicle with the retired military license plate on it, and shouted at her "Baby Killer" certainly did. Real class.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 02 October, 2007 14:26  

  • "Minister", it's obvious by your own comments here that you are exactly what I said you are. You have nothing to add but bullshit insults and petty partisanship, at a 3rd grade level. Since you have shown me that the profanity filter here is loose, allow me to invite you to go fuck yourself, long and hard just like you like it, hopefully causing internal bleeding.
    Whatever job it is that you have, I'm sure you sucked not just one, but many fleshy appendages to get whatever pitiful position you've got. Outclass Malkin? Give me a break. That is FUCKING hilarious!

    That's in your language, maybe you will understand profane juvenile terms better.

    By Blogger Brian72, at 02 October, 2007 14:28  

  • Brian79

    Knowing he is defeated, knowing my posts are 100% correct, has nothing left, NOTHING

    now go join larry Craig and tap away in the mens room. Something tells me your love of Malkin is a front for your love of a man's hairy ass. Why defend a worthless pundit who is furthur destroying your party?

    just a grunt,
    good imagination. Stuck in 1972??? Nobody called you a baby killer, especially someone who supports pro-war Hillary. Did your RNC masters tell you to spread lies? again, you support the war, 80% of this country supports the troops

    Still, nobody can refute a darn thing I say. nobody explained why Limbaugh edited his own treanscript. Nobody can prove to me that move.on damaged the Democrats, nobody can prove to me the Iraq war was not about the oil

    You guys are hacks, all of you. And all of your idols are paper tigers, who put on a show for the $$$. Again there is big money bewing a pundit for the GOP in the Main Stream right wing media

    so pathetic

    absolutly pathetic

    I challange any ditto headm, to debate me, and defute my claims....

    nobody has done it
    nobody will

    Keep cheerleading for pigs like Limbaugh and Malkin, while the rest of America cheers on the death of the GOP, soon to be part of the past, like the Federalists

    Anti-American ideologies will always lose in the end
    and the modern GOP is Anti-American.

    Brian, you should pay me to write here, without me, your blog dies everytime. Everytime I post, dittohead flunkies pay attention, truth hurts, I strike a nerve in the heart of idiotville

    Who would want to be part of a "dittohead" movement, where their leader tells the followers not to read??

    cons are followers, I'm a leader, Im an aires after all.

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 02 October, 2007 14:42  

  • It is clearly evident and all so simple to figure all of this out.

    The Leftinistra have painted themselves into the corner of defeatism and they had to soil themselves to get out of it by claiming in their last debate that they CANNOT yank troops out until 2013.

    To distract from that obvious "woopsie" they need to distract their moonbat and unintelligent fruit loop brigades onto another topic until they can spin their own political posturing towards defeat in this war.

    They are slipping into their Abyss of Obscurity and they see it coming but cannot help but dig it deeper instead of admitting that they have been wrong all along.

    By Blogger Mark Harvey aka Snooper, at 02 October, 2007 14:49  

  • Vote is yet another ignorant group of spineless cowards funded by the likes of Soros and other socialist and communist groups.

    The proof is in the pudding.

    They are NOT peace activists. They ARE anti-Americanists.

    By Blogger Mark Harvey aka Snooper, at 02 October, 2007 14:51  

  • this is all very interesting however I don't see how Soros is tied to this. He isn't on the board is he?

    By Blogger mike volpe, at 02 October, 2007 15:03  

  • Hey Snooper

    Grow up. You take party over country all the time. Of corse, a flaming Bushie who never served a day in his life, is calling Vote Vets Anti-Americanists is typical of these dirty freaks. Of course, he refrence some radical far right America last, war first site to prove his point.

    Snooper, you are a vile degenrate, incotrinated by a profit over troops, profit over people ideology. Your Anti-american, being a counterfit conservative , you are guilty by association. Vote vets are patriots, your a dittohead, your not an American, you are a countrfit conservative, being used and minipulated by the big media and their pundits, who have one interest , to keep the party that gives conglomerate media what they want in power, which right now is the GOP. How does it feel to be used by big business? how does it feel to be an indoctrinated idiot, defending a failed ideology, a failed GOP and their worthless pundits.....

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 02 October, 2007 15:13  

  • I can;t believe any of you people have really read the full transcript of the Phony SOLDIERS comment. It is as simple as this. A guy name Mike calls Rush to assert he is a Republican and a veteran and he wants to get out of Iraq. Rush argues that he can't be a Republican (even though many polls show a pretty sizable chunk of Repubs to dissaprove of the war) and takes another call. A different guy named Mike calls in to say he is one of the few who proudly serves. Rush comments that he could not keep talking to the previous caller. The new Mike wonders where the left finds these so called soldiers. Rush says, yeah the PHONY SOLDIERS. The caller repeats those words. Rush then must have caught himself and diverts the program to a discussion of a soldier who did indeed inflate his Iraq experience Jesse McBeth. Now Rush says he was talking about one phony soldier and Media Matters is taking it out of context. The transcript is there for you morons to peruse. Rush was stating that anyone who has served (unlike himself) and is against the war is A PHONY SOLDIER.

    Get real and understand he needs to apologize.

    By Blogger thpatte, at 02 October, 2007 15:25  

  • In reply to the original post, and as I said before, the way to fight back against things like this is to go after one or two of the transmitters of MMFA propaganda.

    For a tangible example, you could post comments on Joe Klein's entries at Time's blog questioning his journalistic integrity.

    By Blogger LonewackoDotCom, at 02 October, 2007 15:36  

  • Lone Wacko


    MMFA has the pig man's entire transcript. Limbaugh editied himself when he replayed the event on his show, chopping 2.5 minutes of his own show!!!!

    lone, it was limbagh who took himself out of context, not MMFA, limbaugh cut out the middle conversation between when he says "phony soldiers" and finally mentions mcbeth (the phony soldier)
    as the other poster said

    GET ReaL







    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 02 October, 2007 15:45  

  • I have read through this entire blog and am ashamed.

    Why does it seem that words of the nature used here seem to bolster ones position?

    I am a vet. I served in Iraq during Gulf War I. I have friends boots on ground as I type this and I get emails, mail and family members who all tell me the same things. They believe in their mission, they know what it is and they support President Bush in this cause.

    Are there some who don't? Sure, as there are differing views on every subject. Just as you can find Democrates who are against abortion, you can find Republicans who are against the war. That is what makes this nation great, we can disagree and still move forward.

    Personally, there are politicians on both sides of the isle that need to stop looking at their bank statements and campaign contributions and start looking down the road at what is coming. We are at war.

    Let us say that 2008 the Democrates sweep everything. They now control the house, the sensate and the White House. Let us say they live up to the expectations of their supporters and bring home all our men and women from Iraq. Who here thinks the war ends there?

    If you do then you are a tad on the slow side. The fight will continue, worldwide and here. We are already perceived as a weak nation as the voices of "bring the troops home" grow and the shrillness of those using language and hate like has been posted here echoes across the globe.

    Oh, and when those Democrates win and pull home our troops, just remember they are for gun control as well so when the enemy is on our door steps we will not have anything to shoot back with either.

    Somehow, unlike most posters here I have managed to get through an entire post (my first and last) without resorting to name calling, foul language or 2 year old temper tantrums. May civility rule the day for the sake of this nation. God bless.

    By Blogger Mrhbm, at 02 October, 2007 17:41  

  • I see from the Minister's postings that ignorance "truly" is bliss.

    By Blogger Mikey, at 02 October, 2007 22:13  

  • Hmmm, the moronic clown calling himself the, "minister of propaganda" seems to be starved for attention...

    Funny how LIBTARDS will go to any length and believe any well known collection of pathological liars just to feel comfortable in their own greasy skins...

    By Blogger juandos, at 02 October, 2007 22:14  

  • "May civility rule the day for the sake of this nation."

    You HAD civility...and charity...and unity, worldwide.

    But then you had to go and squander that good will with your lies, your bloodlust, and your insatiable greed.

    So now you don't like the bed you made for us all?


    You hypocritical, sanctimonious, canker sore.

    Deal with it.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 02 October, 2007 22:46  

  • "Funny how LIBTARDS will go to any length and believe any well known collection of pathological liars just to feel comfortable in their own greasy skins..."

    You wish you had Media Matters' level of integrity, responsibility, and credibility to call your own.

    Now go back to your coffee beans and your goddamned burro, may you stumble upon a nest of cartel warlords.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 02 October, 2007 22:50  

  • "Everything I posted is true"

    MOP your killing me I'm laughing so hard it hurts. That was truely funny.

    By Blogger pf1, at 03 October, 2007 00:45  

  • Hashhead and the Minister - there's nothing funny about a couple of stoners lecturing anyone about credibility. Hash sounds like he would date his own sister if she would just pull her mouth off the crack pipe long enough, and the minister thinks people care about what a person who spells like a 10 year old thinks! Ignore them - they're cranky little children.

    There's a real sign of desperation blossoming here on the left. The MoveOn ad was pathetic, Jack Murtha slanders our troops (without a word of condemnation from Democrats), Cindy Sheehan's hiding from a bench warrant just released, and Media Matters has to concoct a scandal to move the attention from just how anti-American the military hating left has become. But for all these Pachouli drenched hatriots say - nothing will change the reputation they have earned as budding little tyrants. All this shows us is that Democrats are willing to break any law and gut any freedom so that no one says anything mean about them. But Conservatives aren't afraid of fighting on the battlefield of ideas - we're not the ones trying to shut down free speech or threaten reporters who might write something untoward about us. Look at the Democrats true colors - they complain about Republicans saying bad things about our veterans, but you'll never hear them say anything good about the military.

    I expect Rush will have more listeners from now on - and once again debate will thrive because Republicans invite it. You can't say as much for Democrats - especially the tools that showed up here - High Head and his prop.

    Liberalism - it has nothing to do with freedom.

    By Blogger Shane, at 03 October, 2007 01:05  

  • Media Matters' level of integrity, responsibility, and credibility

    OK, most of the time I just read here, but when something like the above gets said, I can't help but respond. Here goes-

    David Brock was either lying back when he was a conservative, or now. Take your pick, but there is no way to logically escape the conclusion that the man at the hub of Media Matters is a liar that will write things that he doesn't believe to be true, or knows to be false, for money. Integrity, responsibility and credibility don't apply here. Brock was a mercenary for the right, and now is one for the left. The guy does not deal in truth, but rather, smears and assassinations of character.

    Haven't followed the Limbaugh or O'Reilly kurfuffles, so the particulars don't concern me in these cases. I'm more or less libertarian, so everybody hates my politics, and I hate theirs, but some small regard for the truth ought to be a goal for all of us, whether or not your side is currently ascendant (mine never is, so easy for me to say...).

    But left or right, I wouldn't believe a goddammed thing media matters said because of David Brock, a confessed liar and hypocrite.

    I'm assuming his supporters frothing here denounced him back in his Anita Hill bashing days, when he was vicious. But now he makes noises you like, so he's OK? Look, just because he agrees with you doesn't mean that he isn't, in fact, willing to fuck you over by telling you stuff you are ideologically prone to believe. It's stuff that seems to be an excellent stick to beat a Republican with, perhaps, but it could turn out to be a snake or a turd, given Brock's history.

    He got a new gig, and a new boss, so he 'apologized' for all his Republican hits? And now, knowing the kind of bullshit he traffics in, I want him 'researching' the media?

    Good Fucking Grief. This is the best that we can get to be a "watchdog" in American political discourse?

    My dark libertarian heart takes a bit of joy in seeing that the side that is currently less hated by the masses is hard at work planning their own inevitable demise by consorting with scum. Marvelous, I'll dance to your sobs the way I have as particularly repugnant Republicans got their comeuppance.

    By Blogger Robin St. John, at 03 October, 2007 01:42  

  • "Good Fucking Grief. This is the best that we can get to be a "watchdog" in American political discourse?"

    I hear what you are saying and I have my own private thoughts about it...let's just say he gets the job done, he's withstood probably the most immense amounts of attack and sabotage from dark forces I didn't even know existed, he never takes anything on unless he's 100% positive it's not bogus, and he's got a catchy turn of phrase and an efficient way of dealing with undesirable media hacks, and I've made reviewing his work and his pieces an invaluable part of the weekly countdown.

    A flamethrower may not be the most techically advanced or impressive weapon in war, but when one finds oneself in the jungle, one appreciates having it handy.

    David Brock and Media Matters is useful in seperating the wheat from the media chaff.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 03 October, 2007 02:03  

  • I support Rush in this dogfight. Ann Coulter is my hero for her outspoken and razor sharp wit. I thank the real soldiers regardless of politics.

    I despise those who are so petty that they refuse to wear the flagpin on their lapels.

    By Blogger Badger, at 04 October, 2007 23:41  

  • Someone tell Brian McGough that it's okay to think for himself now that he's out of the military. This is just embarrassing.

    By Blogger Sean, at 05 October, 2007 10:19  

  • "Someone tell Brian McGough that it's okay to think for himself now that he's out of the military."

    I'd like to see you tell him yourself, you toadie.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 05 October, 2007 17:09  

  • My father and uncles served in WWll, my husband during Viet Nam along with many friends and cousins.
    NOTHING could top the stupidity or cowardice of Rush Limbaugh (other than the stupidity and cowardice of George Bush). Both these whimps PLAY war and TALK war....they just don't seem to have the guts to FIGHT in a war. Check the background on those politicians and talk hosts who back Bush and crap like'll find most of them are rich, alive, and military service free. You vets have earned Honor and Respect, someting Bush and Limbaugh will NEVER receive.Thank you

    By Blogger jan, at 06 October, 2007 14:55  

  • My father and uncles served in WWll, my husband during Viet Nam along with many friends and cousins.
    NOTHING could top the stupidity or cowardice of Rush Limbaugh (other than the stupidity and cowardice of George Bush). Both these whimps PLAY war and TALK war....they just don't seem to have the guts to FIGHT in a war. Check the background on those politicians and talk hosts who back Bush and crap like'll find most of them are rich, alive, and military service free. You vets have earned Honor and Respect, someting Bush and Limbaugh will NEVER receive.Thank you

    By Blogger jan, at 06 October, 2007 14:59  

  • I perceive that there are not a lot of "can we just get along" crowd here. Good! Conviction, even is wrong, is better than waffeling.

    The challenge is that the enemies of the USA are in our camps. I am against all "liberals". I oppose "socialist liberals." Why?

    Are you aware of this statement, "The end of Communism is Socialism." The man was Karl Marx. The objective was Socialism, not Communism. Communism was merely the "hammer and sickle" of force that was used to force countries into a Socialistic state where the Government is Lord of all (and the Socialist leaders rape the wealth of the country).

    In the early 1900's Socialism spread to Europe and disguised itself as the "labor party". In the USA, they called themselves the "liberal party". These were Socialist liberals rather than traditional liberals. They worked to use freedom of our countries to force us into a socialistic state - slowly.

    A lot of people call themselves "socialists" because they have a heart. If they inwardly love America and desire the best for America, then they may be "social" but not "Socialists." A traditional liberal, traditional conservative, and moderate (varying between philosophies of the others) are true Americans. They "truly" love the USA and support it. The socialist liberal say how much they care as a way to make those who disagree with them appear as uncaring. Anyone who disagrees with them is a "right wing extremist, homophobe, hatemonger, etc. It is what people do that speaks volumes, not just what they say.

    When government becomes the lord of all of our affairs, freedom is gone. Only the socialist will have the freedom.

    By Blogger American, at 04 December, 2007 01:12  

  • Seems to me that Rush baby serves the same purpose as Hitler's propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbles. Heilo ,Dubya

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16 December, 2007 09:08  

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