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04 October 2007

Anti-Talk Radio Campaigns Emerge Across America


Soros-Funded Smear Effort Inspires Talk Radio's Foes

*** NEW: Has The Media Matters Plot Officially Backfired? ***
*** NEWER: Lefties Hit Rush With New Phony Charges

In the wake of highly- publicized smear campaigns against Bill O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh, left- wing talk radio foes across the country have been inspired to mount their own campaigns against the medium.

Suddenly, the floodgates have opened, while somewhere out there a beaming George Soros must be feeling his money has been well- spent. Can they succeed in eliminating viewpoints contrary to their own?

While that isn't yet clear, these self- appointed censors are certainly feeling emboldened.

Here's a tally of the latest moves against talk radio (if you know of others, send an email to address at the bottom of this site, we will update the list later):

In Reno, KOH-AM 780 afternoon host Bill Manders was targeted by a protest featuring hundreds of illegal aliens and pro- illegal activists. One news account put the total at as many as 2000 marchers. According to organizers, Manders was singled out for his "racist" viewpoints. As Northern Nevada's largest radio station, KOH's conservative programming has long irritated area leftists.

From the Reno Gazette- Journal:

Protesters head to KOH studios

Posted: 10/3/2007

A group of around 2,000 marchers turned the corner from Kietzke Lane onto Plumb Lane at 12:40 Wednesday on their way to studios KOH AM-780.

About 70 people standing in front of the Little Flower Church joined the marchers as Reno police officers on motorcyles kept an eye on the proceedings.

The protesters planned to pause in from the radio studios to express their opposition to radio talk show host Bill Manders, who they perceive as being racist. KOH news director Rick Worthington said the station’s official position is “no comment.”

Calls for comment were left for Manders but not returned.

Marchers were carrying American flags. Manders’s supporters were clustered in front of the radio station offices and were also carrying American flags. Several cars cruising past the marchers also waved American flags and tooted their horns in support of the marchers.

Reno's KOLO TV-8 says the roots of the protest are in recent illegal alien raids by federal law enforcement officials:

Less than a week after the ICE raid on 11 McDonald's restaurants, emotions are still running high.

"This isn't just about what happened on Thursday. It's about discrimination. We want to do things right but the government isn't letting these people. They're not criminals. They want to do things right," said Maria Chavarin, protestor.

Demonstrators covered their mouths in tape, and handcuffed their support illegal immigrants, who they say are forced to hide in our community.

"We're showing the government that if they want us to be quiet and they want us to leave, they're just attacking us. It's a silent march. I'm not going to talk the rest of the day. Starting now? Right now."

But their message was anything but silent...and their boycott quickly became an attack on the English-speaking media. Protestors told us Gilbert Cortez, an outspoken Latino activist, told them not to do interviews...and only to answer questions in Spanish.

Since talk radio has not been a target of these groups locally in the past, can it be a coincidence this occurred just as the anti- Rush and O'Reilly fervor hit its peak?

In Cincinnati, local Islamists have stepped up verbal attacks against mega- talker WLW-AM and talker Bill Cunningham. Now, they're demanding the station reprimand him for daring to lampoon the promises Islamofascists make to their gullible homicide bombers.

As with most Islam- related talk radio flaps, the group behind the anger is the Council on American- Islamic Relations (CAIR). According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, WLW has also been targeted by Hispanic activists recently:

The Cincinnati office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations' Ohio chapter called Tuesday for WLW-AM (700) to reprimand talk show host Bill Cunningham for what they call anti-Islamic remarks he made on the air Monday.

"The great war of this generation's time is the war against Islamic fascists," Cunningham said. "... They do not live for life, they live for death. Only through death can they believe they can be with those 72 virgins in heaven and have sex with children for eternity, which is the goal of that religion."

Such remarks "can only serve to promote the kind of anti-Muslim hatred and bigotry that have such a negative impact on our society and on our nation's international image," said Karen Dabdoub, executive director of the Cincinnati office of CAIR.

Contacted Tuesday, Cunningham said: "One of the tenets of Islam is that if you die a martyr, you get to spend eternity in heaven with 72 virgins. I said, 'That's pretty sick. If that's the goal, I don't want to be there. That's not my concept of heaven.' "

Cunningham said he got no calls about the remarks on Monday, "so I moved on to the Bengals."

Darryl Parks, WLW operations director, could not be reached for comment.

Cunningham recently had to apologize for claiming the Reds' Adam Dunn was drunk while playing in a game. The station also was involved in a controversy over a billboard and a radio spot that resulted in a boycott of advertisers by the Hispanic community.

Finally, in a move that has already generated headlines, Marin County- based syndicated talker Michael Savage has been condemned by the kooky San Francisco Board of Supervisors. The credibility- challenged supes were criticizing him for comments made clear back in July. Glad they still found time to bust people for removing chalk marks from their own vehicles:

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors gave initial approval Tuesday to raise the penalty for motorists caught removing chalk marks from the tires of their vehicles while parked on time-restricted city streets.

If ultimately adopted, the fine for doing so would increase to $100 across the board. Currently, the penalty is $50 for a first infraction, $75 for a second infraction and $100 for anything after that.

In another action, the supervisors unanimously approved a resolution condemning radio personality Michael Savage for comments he made in a July 5 broadcast about students who fasted in support of immigration reform.

Savage said, in part, "Let them fast until they starve to death; then that solves the problem." The supervisors condemned the comments as "symbolic of hatred and racism."

As newly- emboldened, would- be censors emerge from the woodwork, expect talk radio to soon come under fire in many other places. Count on it.

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IMAGES: Wadfather by David A Lunde for the Radio Equalizer, Reno rally: RGJ, Cunningham: Cinci Enquirer

FOR Boston- area talk radio updates, see our other site. New: how long can they continue this faux "Howie Carr Show" sans the host himself?

BYRON YORK: The REAL Media Matters

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  • Brian,
    Mike Rosen in Denver at KOA has been smeared by the local Media Matters. Check into that.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 04 October, 2007 10:16  

  • Listening to the right squal like the little drama queens that they are is hysterical.

    Shriek all you want about Media Matters, all they do is recite the radical right's own f*cking words.

    Abolutly pathetic, smear?? THEy dont smear... they recite the right's own words

    and they have nothing to do with George Soros, you can easily see this for yourself, by financial records.

    You freaks of nature ,can not handle the fact, media matters is holding the Anti-American radical right responsoble for their own words

    I love Media Matters, they are doing a great job, the chicken little drama queens on the right are losing their minds over them






    I'm using Limbaugh's own language about FDR

    Patriots are taking America back, from the ANTI-military, ANTI-american, pro-terrorist, radical right

    Your numbers up


    20 years of right wing hate has a price, say hello to MEDIA MATTERS

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 04 October, 2007 11:51  

  • minister of propaganda is a very apropos name for you.

    Your post was pure propaganda.

    Does Soros pay you by the word or by the post count? He really needs to hire better trolls then you.

    By Blogger Nahanni, at 04 October, 2007 17:27  

  • "Does Soros pay you by the word or by the post count? He really needs to hire better trolls then you."

    That's a VERY antisemitic comment, Nahanni.

    Post after post of such unbridled hate!

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 04 October, 2007 19:36  


    Funny, dude. Try again. This time with a brain.
    And quit hogging up all the space.

    By Blogger TC, at 05 October, 2007 01:38  

  • I recall here in New York when Bob Grant was taken off of WABC for some allegely racist comment. He was back on the air on WOR days later. Why? Easy, he had an audience - he was a marketable commodity. But, that's beside the point almost..there is something incredibly hypocritical about claiming to be all about free speech, but then doing your utmost to suppress it, when someone is saying something you don't like. If you object to something being said, well..convince people either not to listen or to listen to what your side has to say. It's not like there isn't enough outlets for viewpoints these days - it is now incredibly easy to get your message across.

    And most important, supression of speech - any liberty in fact, has a strange habit of biting you on the rear end ultimately. I'm sure everyone was in favor of the United States Supreme Court extending the commerce clause to prohibit segregation in a series of decision in the 60's. But that extension of power has had all sorts of unintended consequences as Courts have become more and more (and more) intrusive, both on the State and federal level. Heck, the Court has even put limits on the rights of the States to limits guns - an unintended consequence of the power grab that began in the sixties. And more is coming - who can say what can happen when Courts take away power from the elected legislature. If you aren't frightened at nine men and women beingin absolute control then you don't like our democracy/republican form of government.

    In other owrds, while you may like what they do now, just remember there may come a time when you won't like it, and you will be left without any remedy as nine, or seven, autocrats dictate to you from on high.

    Don't matter anyway, this place is doomed - thanks to the economic policies of the past 40 years, we'll all be on the soup lines within five years.

    By Blogger ENDITALL, at 05 October, 2007 16:16  

  • "I recall here in New York when Bob Grant was taken off of WABC for some allegely racist comment. He was back on the air on WOR days later. Why? Easy, he had an audience - he was a marketable commodity."

    Which reveals the right's incredible hypocrisy regarding the Fairness Doctrine and their paranoid stranglehold on monopolizing America's airwaves.

    If Bob Grant (not the drug-addled, lying, overstuffed Rush) could single-handledly create conservative talk radio WITHIN the guidelines of the Fairness Doctrine when it was the constitutional law of the land and remain a true conservative, why do these new-jack neocon meat puppets insist on compromising the integrity of America's airwaves because THEY know their shows don't possess the integrity and quality standards of the shows of Grant's era and would never survive in a truly balanced, "free" market.

    Why was Grant able to thrive without whining, without becoming a simple propagandist for the interests of other nations, without needing affirmative action to protect his hide like the Hannitys, Levins, and Limbaughs apparently do?

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 05 October, 2007 16:29  

  • "Don't matter anyway, this place is doomed - thanks to the economic policies of the past 40 years, we'll all be on the soup lines within five years."

    You know it.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 05 October, 2007 16:30  

  • Hashlover said:
    WITHIN the guidelines of the Fairness Doctrine when it was the constitutional law of the land

    You're smokin' too much of that wacky weed.

    The Fairness Doctrine is not mentioned anywhere in the Constitution! It is not constitutional law. The Fairness Doctrine was introduced in an atmosphere of anti-Communist sentiment in the US in 1949.

    It was a United States FCC regulation. A regulation is not Constitution Law. It required broadcast licensees to present controversial issues of public importance in a manner deemed by the FCC to be honest, equitable and balanced. I guess that eliminates HuffPoh and Kos.

    The doctrine has since been withdrawn by the FCC, and the legality of the regulation has been questioned by courts.

    By Blogger The Benson Report, at 06 October, 2007 09:24  

  • "The Fairness Doctrine is not mentioned anywhere in the Constitution!"

    Yes, but we'll be opening up THAT can of worms anyway, when our replacement justices and supplemental judges to cover the new war courts are installed....just another flapjack for the griddle!

    Benzo, what I don't think you've internalized yet is that, when we say its time for fundamental change, we MEAN it.

    We are actively planning...

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 08 October, 2007 01:28  

  • Hashlover said: Benzo, what I don't think you've internalized yet is that, when we say its time for fundamental change, we MEAN it.

    You and the rest of the lefties have been saying this for months. "Get the troops out now", "Date Certain" "2006 Election - The People Have Spoken", Harry Reid's "We have lost the war", Daily Kos on the troops "Screw Them", Countless Failed Votes in Congress to get out of Iraq".

    Yeah, sure, you really mean it, but look at your results...all talk, no action.

    Where's The Beef?

    By Blogger The Benson Report, at 08 October, 2007 08:49  

  • What makes you think I'm using those butchers?

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 08 October, 2007 09:46  

  • Benson:Yeah, sure, you really mean it, but look at your results...all talk, no action.

    Where's The Beef?

    Have you forgotten we have a system where the minority can fillubuster? The GOP fillubustered all motions to end the war...
    don't blame the Dems, blame the GOP who fillubusters everything related to ending the war

    do you support Nuclear option Benson? Do you support ending the filubister? I know you did when the Dems were the minority, you loves the Nuclear option. I say the Dems should exercist the nuclear option and end the fillubustering, but the Dems value the traditional system in Senate. They wont stoop that low, I WOULD, I WOULD end Republican fillubustering the same way the GOP did it to the Dems...
    tit for tat

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 08 October, 2007 10:59  

  • Wrong again MOP:
    don't blame the Dems, blame the GOP who fillubusters [filibusters] everything related to ending the war

    It was democrat Harry Reid that called that stupid all-nighter with the roll-out beds.

    The republicans have not used the filibuster to stop the countless votes in Congress to surrender. Reid, Pelosi and their cronies have failed miserably over and over again.

    No wonder the dems can't get anything accomplished in Congress. They keep wasting their legislative time trying to surrender.

    They can't even win when they try to loose.

    Ha, that's a good one!

    By Blogger The Benson Report, at 08 October, 2007 15:54  

  • Too bad you were incapable of spelling it.

    By Blogger hashfanatic, at 08 October, 2007 17:03  

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