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12 March 2008

Libtalkers Look To Mitigate Eliot Spitzer Political Fallout


Spitzer Mess Has Libtalkers In Difficult Position

Though his resignation
may ease the blow, Eliot Spitzer's political meltdown has forced libtalkers to find creative ways to spin this "tragedy" away from further damage to the Democrat Party.

Unfortunately for them, however, the scandal has created a partisan noose that hangs right over the left's fortunes in this all- important election year.

(Image: David A Lunde)

That hasn't stopped our favorite libtalkers from giving it a go, however. Can they successfully deflect the fallout of this fiasco onto others, especially Republicans? Sadly, this requires a level of skill that "progressive" talkers obviously haven't mastered, as the evidence below will demonstrate.

From Monday's Randi Rhodes Show, the Air America Radio basketcase makes a clumsy (and laughable) attempt at defending his prostitution habit. Take a look:

RHODES: I’m so pissed. My Governor just got busted in a prostitution ring. Ah come on, look at him, he had to pay, look at him. Who is gonna sleep with him?

Not one to stay out of the fray, Air America talker Lionel took his best shot at comparing the Spitzer marriage to that of the Bush family in the final hour of yesterday's show:

LIONEL: "I don't mean this to sound mean, but...if you think that George and Laura Bush have... an actual husband-and-wife existence, you're out of your mind. Bill and Hillary, Richard Nixon and Pat, at that level... it's a unit. It's a corporation."

And in his first hour, Lionel had already made another attempt to smear Bush through a comparison with Spitzer, before embarking on the prostitution- is- no- crime defense we've heard from so many on the left:

LIONEL: It's a psychopathic inability to appreciate consequence. George Bush has it... they have no feeling[s], no compassion, no conscience. (22:04)

LIONEL: There is nothing that should be illegal between two consenting adults having sex for any consideration or no consideration. (31:15)

Not to miss the party, Air America / MSNBC talking head Rachel Maddow inadvertently outed herself as a conservative during her program:

MADDOW: here's my question: In what circle of hell is the office located where the bureaucrat works who has decided that when a male politician has to give a press conference about shtupping someone who is not his wife, his wife has to be made to stand right next to him? Where does that rule come from?"

Gosh, Rachel, for someone who is so in love with big government, associating "hell" with "bureaucracy" is a big step in the right direction. When can we look forward to your defection to the conservative movement?

With these clumsy attempts to deflect the negative attention Spitzer has drawn toward hypocritical Democrats, it's once again clear liberal talk radio just isn't ready for prime time.

UPDATE: Bill O'Reilly has more on the left's reaction to the Spitzer implosion.

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  • [at Maddow] "When can we look forward to your defection to the conservative movement?"

    No chance. After your friend Michael Savage said that lesbians put people into the Nazi Holocaust ovens - despite the fact that 15000 gay people were murdered during the Holocaust - I don't think Maddow (a lesbian) is going to change into a right-wing Fascist anytime soon.

    "It's once again clear liberal talk radio just isn't ready for prime time."

    Hate to break it to ya, but the First Amendment applies to liberals too. And we haven't forgetten what your allies at KSFO tried to do with Spocko.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12 March, 2008 19:52  

  • Brian

    This post proves you are not ready for the big time. Why would "lib" talk defend Spitzer anyway? He is not exactly a liberal, democrat does not =liberal,
    Brian get some new slogans, Repubbies, can not shriek about big government anymore; when your party increased the size of government, and McCain will make it even bigger.

    Talkers of both sides are going to stop being cheerleaders for the "R" or "D"; as this country is slipping away from party line politics, hence the increased number of non party afffiliated voters. Some lib talkers are realizing this. Mike Malloy, and Rachel Madow mainly.

    I personally will not listen to "D" cheerleaders,I expect the truth and
    honest analysis of the current events, with a perspective that suits my socialist-democratic views, not a host cheerleading for anyone with a "D" next to their name. I fight for the worker, the poor, the laboror, the commons, and I expect a host to expose the enemies of the proletarian;whether it be a Repubbie or dem.

    this is why I rarely listen to AAR any longer.I want the truth,I want the enemies of the proletarian exposed.

    See Brian, most on the left, are more interested in the country, than a political party.

    I support dismantling the entire system and building a new government that has the best interest in the MAJORITY, as in the proletarian.

    By Blogger Minister of Propaganda, at 12 March, 2008 21:41  

  • I wonder how Randi Rhodes would react if a conservative radio host said that a woman, any woman, was too ugly to get laid.

    I guess it's okay to objectify homely men.

    By Blogger Ronnie Schreiber, at 12 March, 2008 22:08  

  • malmo,

    Jews put Jews in ovens.

    Odds are that lesbians also worked for the Germans.

    By Blogger M. Simon, at 14 March, 2008 18:25  

  • i have ideas about how to save spitzer... check out my site.

    By Blogger Olive Duster, at 15 March, 2008 12:34  

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