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12 June 2008

Ingraham Tells Listeners She Will Return Soon


Laura Ingraham Speaks To Listeners At Political Rally

After attending an event in support of free speech in broadcasting, syndicated talk host Laura Ingraham has addressed the fate of her radio program.

Saying "don't believe what you read in blogs," Ingraham tried to reassure listeners from the Washington DC- based press conference, but didn't get into specifics about the lockout that has so far kept her from hosting a program in the month of June.

By the way, to which "blog" do you think Laura was referring?

To date, however, your Radio Equalizer has received no direct complaints from Ingraham or her syndicators as to our reporting.

While utilizing the opportunity to promote her new Fox News Channel program, she reiterated her desire to do radio, saying "from my mouth... out of my cold, dead hands will they take this microphone." has the video here:

But with Sean Hannity now locked up in a new deal, options for Laura to relocate her program have been greatly reduced.

That's why your Radio Equalizer expects the situation to resolve itself in short order: she simply has no other place to go other than straight back to the Talk Radio Network and the contract she signed long ago. Ingraham is simply not holding the cards this time.

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  • Might it have anything to do with her newly-adopted daughter?

    Just curious.

    By Blogger on-the-rocks, at 12 June, 2008 17:45  

  • Brian, the article refers to her on Fox as a "rotating host" (an ironic choice of words if I ever heard one).

    I'm not sure that could be honestly referred to as "her new Fox News Channel program".

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14 June, 2008 03:53  

  • "I'm not sure that could be honestly referred to as "her new Fox News Channel program"."

    You truly get more ignorant as each day passes. Lay off the hash pothead.

    "Laura will have a new show on Fox News Channel at 5 pm ET starting on Monday called “Just In”."

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14 June, 2008 11:36  

  • Who cares?

    It's a third-rate show with black-hole-of-charisma guests like Raymond Arroyo, and some of the most irritating bumper music.

    Ingraham have failed to keep up with the times and is wisely looking into motherhood to channel her energies on.

    Her radio show has become so contrived, Monica Crowley and Ellis Hennican seemed fresh by comparison.

    Whatever Fox TRIAL she lands will simply be to feather the nest for herself and her foreign adoptee, and will last no longer than one year.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 15 June, 2008 15:15  

  • I'm going to guess that one of the blogs she was referring to is this one:

    They posted that knowing what their visitors would do: jump to the conclusion that leftwing pressure forced her company to take her off the air. When, in fact it appears to be a contractual issue.

    By Blogger LonewackoDotCom, at 15 June, 2008 16:23  

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