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15 November 2008

Obama Appoints Failed Libtalk Exec To Transition Team


Failed Libtalk CEO To Oversee Econ-Trade Transition

A failed corporate executive responsible for the spectacular collapse of a celebrity-funded liberal talk radio network has been appointed by Barack Obama to a key transition panel.

Despite her dubious background, former GreenStone Media CEO Susan Ness has been selected by the incoming regime to Obama's Economics and International Trade Team, according to his "" website.

GreenStone was the star-studded catastrophe backed by Jane Fonda, Gloria Steinem, Rosie O'Donnell and other well-known leftists in Hollywood and beyond. Broadcasting for only about a year, GreenStone's brand of feminist talk failed to generate ratings, affiliates and revenue.

At the time, Fonda tried to position the network as the feminist response to Rush Limbaugh, a strategy that played right into the talk titan's hands.

Some of the initial reporting on the company's operations came from your Radio Equalizer back in 2006.

Rather than go quietly, GreenStone's sudden financial collapse angered many when it was revealed by the New York Post that the firm's female staff would not be paid final severance and other monies owed to them:

FORMER staffers of Green Stone Media, the defunct women's radio network, are grumbling that its founders aren't living up to their feminist creds.

Women's libbers Gloria Steinem and Jane Fonda are "putting their own reputations above their female employees' finances," one source told Page Six.

The recently shuttered station is "refusing to pay severance, and the founders won't file for bankruptcy protection because it would publicly embarrass Jane and Gloria." A spokesperson for Fonda told us, "This is pure speculation. There is no foundation to the accusations and the staff has been informed throughout."

According to a trade report at All Access, Ness won't be reviewing FCC matters due to a conflict of interest. Ness is also a former commissioner of that agency.

But that does leave this failed corporate executive in a position to advise the Dear Leader on matters of economics, international trade and other business-related issues.

So why would the Messiah choose Ness? Most likely for these key Hollywood connections, but Ness was also a financial backer to Hillary Clinton during her primary battle, joining the Obama cult late in the game.

For Barack, appointing Ness may please Hillary's feminists, but what does she know about economics and trade? Her own track record is one of abysmal failure.

So much for "change": appointments like these merely underscore Obama's inability to move beyond the past.

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