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20 November 2008

Why Terrorist Bill Ayers Is Still An Issue For Barack Obama


Why Ayers Will Remain An Issue For Barack Obama


Could unrepentant terrorist / Obama buddy William Ayers still pose a threat to the Dear Leader himself? After crashing his speech earlier this week, your Radio Equalizer is convinced the answer is yes.

Still hotly debated by those who've refused to join Obama's cult, including talk titan Rush Limbaugh, some believe the impact of Barack's association with this shady character went away with the election. From Limbaugh's Tuesday transcripts:

RUSH: These self-inflicted wounds are about the only opportunities that you have. We don't want to sit around and wait for those because we don't know how often he's going to say things. Another one was when he said that abortion, you know, determining when a human being gets rights, at what point does life begin, when he said this to Rick Warren out at the Saddleback Church. That was a big problem. That was a big self-inflicted wound. Remember how among everybody who saw the debate at the Saddleback Church, it was clear that McCain had smoked Obama. Everybody knew it. So what are we left with to do, then? "Well, okay, Rush, you haven't talked about Bill Ayers being on Good Morning America Friday."

I know. On purpose. Others are going to talk about Bill Ayers. The election's over. You can do it from a See, I Told You So kind of point of view, if you want. What I think is going to be the most effective way to criticize Obama is to criticize his ideas without criticizing him. To criticize collectivism, to criticize giant growth of government. Call it Obamaism or whatever, but the way to go about this, I think, is, if you don't want to wait for these self-inflicted wounds, is to ignore Obama the man. When you ignore Obama the man, we do not run the risk of inflicting our own self-inflicted wounds that would create sympathy for the guy, 'cause right now he's a beloved figure with four million people headed to Washington at the inauguration, they say.

He's got everybody in the country enough behind him for all of the mythological reasons, for all of the public image reasons, the historical reasons and right now people don't want to hear anything bad about Barack Obama. They just don't want to hear it and if they do they're not going to believe it and they're going to resent anybody who runs around talking about Obama. He's going to have to do something first that illustrates that the criticism that we have mounted up 'til now is accurate. You know, we talk about Reagan-ism. We talk about socialism, collective-ism, commun-ism. Obama-ism is the way to go after this.

While the campaign may indeed be over, after infiltrating the Ayers speech, your Radio Equalizer came away with several strong impressions (see other accounts of the visit here and here).

Clearly, Obama's handlers still see his relationship with the radical marxist as a political threat:

Knowing the news media would be there, the event was clearly intended to shift his public image away from that of a violent terrorist to peace-loving expert on teaching elementary school children. It was frightening to think Ayers would ever be allowed near kids of any age.

It was also obvious that the reworking of Ayers was all about protecting Obama, rather than just an opportunity to sign books. As Ayers both emphasized his "peaceful" side and praised the left's Messiah, that came through loud and clear.

Ayers certainly isn't afraid to admit to his associations with Obama, but also attempted to confuse the issue by contending he wished he knew the Dear Leader better. The Wall Street Journal sadly made this the key focus of their relatively weak coverage:

“There was this demonization of me, as if somehow I killed people or I’m a violent person — which I’m not,” Ayers said. And he decried the conservative attacks on Obama as “guilt-by-association… with a subtext that you’re only supposed to talk with people who have already passed your political litmus test.”

As for his real association with the president-elect: “I had the same relationship with Obama that he had with thousands and thousands,” Ayers said. “And like millions, I now wish I knew him better. Don’t you?”

Ayers spoke at the church after an event at the Georgetown Law School earlier in the day. A handful of protesters associated with the conservative Web site Free Republic gathered outside the building with signs calling Ayers a Marxist and comparing him to Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh.

Inside, Ayers stayed largely on the topic of education but wasn’t shy about current events, remarking on the excitement of being at Chicago’s Grant Park for Obama’s acceptance speech, expounding on the rhetoric of “Yes We Can,” and twice mentioning life in Obama’s Hyde Park neighborhood — “a wonderful neighborhood, very tight-knit, a lot like Wasilla.”

(Event images: This Ain't Hell)

Especially chilling was the atmosphere inside the room, where Obama cultists cheered on this violent man as he denounced those who had dared to criticize him during the campaign. The extent to which the Dear Leader's key subjects have been brainwashed is stunning and the extreme nature of their views is shocking even to those of us who have extensive experience with the far left.

Oddly, Ayers and the cultists in the room acted as though the campaign were still ongoing, taking shots at both John McCain and Sarah Palin. Didn't they win? Apparently, they are fresh out of opponents to demonize, so it's necessary to turn back the clock to the days before the election.

But could it also be that beneath its thin veneer of overconfidence, Team Obama is still remarkably insecure? Yes, his vague slogans won the campaign, but he now seems relatively clueless about governing.

That's evident in his choice of Clinton Administration re-runs to fill essential Cabinet positions and his lack of progress on key economic appointments during this time of crisis.

Bill Ayers will remain Obama's Achilles heel because there's no real effort underway to disassociate the two. Instead, the strategy is to remake Ayers as a mainstream political figure, hoping the mainstream media will play along. But given his violent past, they may be pushing their luck.

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  • So what's the evidence that Obama had anything more than the most superficial relationship with Ayers? There's none. This is nuts.

    We're in two wars, the economy is collapsing, and your peddling invalid guilt-by-association charges.

    If you're going to criticize Obama, at least do it on the basis of policy and substantial charges.

    Frankly, as far as I can tell, the right should be delighted with Obama. He's at most a centrist. He has no record of radicalism going all the way back to his college days.

    You're being intellectually dishonest. Only rubes now believe these Republican talking points, and that's why the Republicans will soon be left with only Appalachia and the more benighted areas of the south as sources of support.

    By Blogger John, at 20 November, 2008 14:47  

  • It's not going away in la-la-la conservative traitor land, the real America could not care less

    it's a non-issue

    McCain's top doner was part of Ayers education fund

    again Bush monkey, is McCain a terrorist? McCain also gave money to THE PLO guy, is McCain a terrorist?

    nobodyt cares about this weak ass RNC talking point. This is exactly why you lost. Maloney, you really are dumb, you just do not get it

    America is smarter than you
    and America has left the bed wetting corporate ass kissing conservatives all alone, sucking up to the $40 million a year executives who destroyed the auto industry. bu bu bu the unions!!

    you sit there wondering why you lost? Your ideology destroyed the economy and has destroyed America, and you filthy Anti-American demons are blaming unions forthe auto collapse, blaming poor people for the mortgage meltdown and still shrieking about imaginary connections between Ayers and Obama

    and you wonder why Americans have had it with you ass kissing, bed-wetters

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20 November, 2008 16:28  

  • So, where's the hard-hitting coverage of another presidential candidate's relationship with an unrepentant domestic terrorist?

    That would be John McCain's relationship with G. Gordon Liddy.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 20 November, 2008 17:59  

  • Ladies and gentlemen, you have just heard from three of Michael Moore's love children!

    By Blogger The Real Bob Anthony, at 21 November, 2008 06:34  

  • wheres the story on Reese Hopkins, right wing host, who got accused of rape?


    Conservatives are astonishing. The CEO of Ford, GM and Chrysler each make around $25 Million a year, when asked if they would sacrifice pay next year to turn this around, they could not answer

    and in conservative la-la land it's the unions fault


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 November, 2008 10:14  

  • Dear Brain Maloney,

    In all due respect ... Have some Intellectual honesty ... Please!

    FYI ~ just Google "Bush nazi"

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 November, 2008 16:11  

  • I don’t care what the union members make. I also don’t care what the CEO’s make. It’s not my concern. What is my concern is they priced themselves out of a job and want tax payers to support their failing business plan. Let them fail.

    By Blogger pf1, at 22 November, 2008 02:06  

  • Whoa, hold up! Reese Hopkins has been accused of rape?

    THE Reese Hopkins?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22 November, 2008 11:52  

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