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12 August 2009

Left-Wing Host Calls Nancy Pelosi A 'C---', Says Obama Will Go 'Psycho'


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For several weeks, we've been watching in fascination as longtime liberal firebrand Lynn Samuels forges an independent leftist path that features increasingly harsh criticism of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the Democratic Party.

Make no mistake: Samuels has NOT moved to the right. Instead, she's simply calling out phoniness when it is apparent. Many conservatives are still regularly singled out for scorn during her program.

But the former WABC / New York talker, now heard on Sirius Left, has really outdone herself this time. First initiated by a caller, Samuels joins right in as he calls House Speaker Nancy Pelosi "a c--t."

SAMUELS (22:15): You know what it is to me? What it is to me is he slid through his whole life on a smile and a glibness – he just smiles and says something that, you know, because people are so stupid they think he’s intelligent, and he gets whatever he wants. And suddenly he can’t get what he wants anymore just smiling and being Obama.

[Caller makes Pelosi remark]

SAMUELS (24:42): She was a c--t from “impeachment is off the table.”

Beyond the shock value
of referring to Pelosi that way, Samuels has especially keen observations regarding Obama. Barack is used to getting his way in life, so how will he react when America revolts? Samuels predicts Obama will go "psycho" as opposition grows to his rule.

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  • I don't agree...sorry

    By Anonymous joe jones, at 12 August, 2009 15:37  

  • she may be liberal, but at least she is not drinking the Obama "kool-aid"

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12 August, 2009 20:14  

  • Lynn Samuels forgot to add stupid and arrogant to her accuarate description of Pelosi.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13 August, 2009 11:34  

  • I love lynn and listen to her almost everyday. She is fabulous.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13 August, 2009 14:08  

  • "I love lynn and listen to her almost everyday. She is fabulous."

    That has to be MOP He gets led around by his nose so easily.

    By Anonymous Pf1, at 13 August, 2009 19:57  

  • The 'TRUTH' never harm's a 'Slobbering Idiot'and 'PUDLOSI' will not be hurt by this at all!
    In a recent survey 87% of the respondent's actually thought of 'PUDLOSI" as more of a 'PRI-K' rather than a 'C-NT'!
    I personally refer to her as that "CESSOOL NEMATODE"!

    By Blogger BEEKER D., at 21 August, 2009 15:46  

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