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11 September 2009

MSNBC Libtalker: Congress Works For Obama


Joe Wilson's Real Crime: Insubordination!

During an unusually candid moment on his radio program, MSNBC libtalker Ed Schultz has made an analogy that speaks volumes about the left's true perception of American government in the Obamist Era.

To "progressives", Rep Joe Wilson's (R-SC) real crime was insubordination, as Congress merely works for His Holiness, Barack Obama. Does Wilson really want to be seen as part of a disloyal "opposition", when his only true role is to pretend one exists at all?

Remember, Joe, one must kneel before Zod on command!

Here's the exclusive transcript and clip:

SCHULTZ (02:51): Our health care system, for lack of a better term, we're on life support, OK?

[Refers to Obama as Wilson's "supervisor":]

SCHULTZ (05:49): Ask yourself this question as you try to put this in perspective. Do you think it was professional? And ask yourself, if you acted like that in the workplace, how would that be received by your supervisor and do you think you'd be able to hang onto your job?

SCHULTZ (07:44): There has never been this level of disrespect in the chamber. The only thing that was missing was the Hitler signs. It's the only thing that they didn't bring out.

SCHULTZ (08:49): Well, what happened was, within two hours this congressman had issued a statement, apologizing, his emotions got the best of him, and he doesn't believe that. This guy's a Southern white racist is what he is. You can't accept that apology, can you?

If you believe this was a mere slip of the tongue, then take a look at faux parliamentary chambers overseen by ruthless thugs and tyrants in places like North Korea, Venezuela, Saddam-era Iraq and elsewhere. How far are we really from that kind of scenario here at home?

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  • This is the best thing Ed Schulz could do to support Wilson.

    Wilson has pulled in $750,000 in the past 48 hours.

    Keep it up, Eddy.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11 September, 2009 23:40  

  • The " hang onto your job" part of the analogy doesn't make sense.

    By Blogger PunditFight, at 12 September, 2009 00:48  

  • You are exactly correct "the real crime was insubordination". I have read the same theme on a couple of comment pages saying as much. They say "if you did this in a business meeting you would be fired and escorted out of the building" as if Wilson is some sort of employee of the President.

    By Anonymous Scotty, at 13 September, 2009 02:16  

  • The senator served in the National Guard and the Army Reserves so saying he was 'insubordinate' is not a stretch. Schulz just picked the wrong scenario.

    Details on service here:

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14 September, 2009 11:14  

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