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18 November 2009

Libtalkers Scramble To Find Successful Anti-Palin Attack Method


While Book Sales Skyrocket, Libtalkers Rip Palin

With book sales skyrocketing and Sarah Palin once again an ubiquitous presence in American life (including high profile interviews with Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and others), can the left stop the second coming of the woman they despise more than any other?

Already, we've seen examples of Sarah-bashing from the Internet, television and newspapers that are too numerous to mention here. But for interesting insight into just how threatened some "progressive" women feel, it's worth looking at how two female libtalkers have attacked her:

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow has a particularly bizarre method: hoping to convince her audience that Palin is a failure. From her program, which is rebroadcast on Air America Radio:

MADDOW (03:10 in segment on Maddow MSNBC site titled "Another political gamble for Palin"): Governor Palin's book is the third of three political gambles that she has made (along with stepping down as Alaska governor and endorsing Hoffman) since she and John McCain lost the election, and none of these three gambles has gone her way.

I'm not sure she knows that though.

Hey Rachel, why should she "know that"? The book is a smash success, Hoffman nearly won despite backstabbing from his RINO GOP opponent and stepping down in Alaska was a reflection of the political isolation she felt in a remote corner of the country.

If anyone is "gambling", it's Maddow, with a roll of the dice in pushing this crazy theory.

Also looking to tear her down is Boston libtalker Margery Eagan, who has devoted her last two Boston Herald columns to the former VP candidate. In the most recent, she predicted Palin's "15 minutes were up":

Yet as one of Palin’s biggest attackers around here, I felt uninspired to get out the long knives yesterday. She didn’t rile me up or scare me with nightmare visions of her fishin’ and huntin’ finger on the red button at 3 a.m. Instead there was a certain “it’s so over” quality to her Oprah sitdown. Why? Because it is over. Her chance came, and went. She knows she’ll never be president. Her supporters remain intensely loyal, but few. And while her book has been No. 1 on Amazon for weeks, I suspect that’s about celebrity, not presidential timber.

My prediction: She’ll make millions on the book, flirt briefly with the GOP, do some big bucks speaking, then, as fast as she burst on the scene, disappear.

But if the left
really thought Palin was about to disappear, would they devote so much time to attacking her? Their actions reveal the true prevailing sentiment from the left: they're worried sick about Sarah.

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  • Wow, Rachel Maddow accusing Palin of being a failure. Maddow is a straight up professional failure. Her Air America radio gig(when she actually did radio)was a failure, thousands tuned in nationally. Now they simulcast her MSNBC gig on Air America, & nobody tunes in to that. Her TV ratings suck, & she was the next "big thing" according to all of the fawning press she got when she started at MSNBC. Compaired to say, Glenn beck, who has got nothing in the way of fair media coverage, let alone the sort of positive coverage Maddow got, Beck IS an actual success. He can't lose, his radio & TV ratings kick ass, & he sell books like nobody else. Maybe Rachel could study Beck & learn something that all of those high dollar elite universities could'nt teach her. Like how to work your ass off to be good at being in the media, & to think outside of the box to make an impact in the media. But she is too lazy to be a success in the media, & has too many people kissing her butt to know what mistakes she is making. Her ratings prove that.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 18 November, 2009 20:48  

  • If anyone is "gambling", it's Maddow, with a roll of the dice in pushing this crazy theory.

    Right. I'm not sure she knows that though.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 November, 2009 20:59  

  • I don't give MSLSD the privledge of being in my TV lineup. I eliminated them like all the Spanish language broadcasts (not discrimination, I don't understand Spanish, so why clog up the guide).
    Even is mrs. Palin never runs for office again, she will do quite well appealling to most sane minded Americans who are open to fair and honest disussion on issues. She articulates her positions well, males solid arguments why the path of the left is so wrong FOR AMERICA, not just her personally. She does not live in a self-centered world, she has a core belief that a public official must work for the good of the citizans they serve, not themselves. Any self-serving, or government enlarging politician is NOT welcome in her sphere of influences. Her belief in the strength, trustworthyness, and integrity of Americans as a whole is far better than a larger government is in direct conflict woth the liberal orthdox of biger and bigger government. She has taken direct ELECTED EXECUTIVE action to reduced the role of governemtn and challenged and defeated those who believe in big government. That single point is the greatest threat that she poses to the left, and why they have thrown the Alinsky book at her. It's about preserving their status as government enablers and her as their to power.

    By Anonymous Deskpilot, at 19 November, 2009 05:51  

  • Sane Americans will vote for Palin?

    lololololololol, most conservatives ignore Palin and run from her, let alone mainstream voters

    See sheep, something has happened in America, talk radio conservatives are ignored by real conservatives, who are all tuned to Alex Jones, you are stuck in 2001, when you were relevant. The Palin-bush conservative is DEAD to the American voter, conservative, or not

    You are not conservatives, you're simpleton ignoramuses

    By Anonymous Palin=NOT A CONSERVATIVE, at 19 November, 2009 17:15  

  • danybhoy

    Maddow is doing well for what she does. Liberals are not monolithic and don't like to be instructed hot to think by a pundit. Maddow is doing amazing for a liberal pundit, as most liberals IGNORE pundits

    Fake conservatives (Maloney and the sheep-like talk radio crowd) count on pundits to form their views, real conservatives and classic liberals form their own views. Maddow has a decent audience considering most liberals, think for themselves and don't like to have a check list of views, like Rush-conservatives do

    Real cons are not monolithic either
    You people are not conservatives, your sheep, following talk radio

    By Anonymous thinkernotfollower, at 19 November, 2009 17:19  

  • When Hannity had Palin on his show, Maddow's numbers were less than 1/4 of Hannity's in total and key demo viewers.

    Maddow: "Palin is a failure, a miserable failure, a (sob) stikin' (sob, sob) rotten, (boo hoo) miserable (Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh) FAILURE!!!" (foot stomps, red face, starts to hold her breath....)

    By Blogger Chromium, at 20 November, 2009 17:48  

  • "Maddow is doing well for what she does. Liberals are not monolithic and don't like to be instructed hot to think by a pundit. Maddow is doing amazing for a liberal pundit, as most liberals IGNORE pundits"

    Leave it to liberals and progressives to redefine failure as success.

    By Anonymous Harry S, at 20 November, 2009 21:20  

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