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12 November 2009

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Claims To Host Radio Talk Show


Will Rachel Maddow Be Held To Same Standard As Hannity?

*** UPDATED ***



Earlier in the week, Sean Hannity was lambasted by leftists after his FOX News Channel program mistakenly used old protest footage in a report on more recent activism. In response to the controversy (which even had some conservatives throwing him under the bus), Hannity quickly chose to apologize.

Now, a liberal cable talker, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, has directly told her audience something that isn't true: that she still hosts a radio talk show.

One problem: Maddow gave up her radio talk show about a year ago and what Air America now runs is an audio version of her MSNBC program.

Radio segments are introduced by Maddow in a way that suggests original Air America content, but the program immediately reverts back to the previous night's TV show. AAR doesn't include necessary disclaimers during these intros.

We'd previously covered that change here.

Here's the caught-on-tape clip:

MADDOW (Wednesday 11 Nov 09 - 07:12 in segment titled "Scozzafavification"): I also do a talk radio show and I feel like, on behalf of talk radio hosts, I want to apologize for all the mean, personal things that were said about you (laughs).

From the February 3 2009 edition of the New York Daily News, Maddow herself admits she's given up the program:

She has dropped her daily evening show on Air America, but will "provide content" for an hour-long morning program, largely built on her MSNBC show of the previous evening.

The problem, says Maddow, is that something had to give.

"I just couldn't keep doing both," she says. "It was a quality control issue - the quality of the program and my own quality of life. I need time to, say, eat and sleep, which I understand most people do every day. I wasn't. I needed not to be grabbing food off a cart at 2 in the morning."

But since then, Maddow's "radio show" has consisted of an audio-only rebroadcast of the previous night's television show. The key difference: segments are sometimes edited and reconfigured (running in a different order) to suit the radio medium.

So will Maddow be held to the same standard as Hannity? Unlike Sean's program, where it was a editor that made the mistake (leaving the host to take the hit), this untrue statement comes straight from Rachel.

We won't hold our breath waiting for Jon Stewart (who had this snide reaction to Hannity's apology) to cover this one.

QUESTION: will TVNewser, which jumped on the Hannity-Stewart flap, cover this issue? Answer: NO, they are squeezing the last drop out of the Hannity story.

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