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08 January 2010

Montel Guest: C-SPAN Cameras Not Welcome


CAP: Cameras Expose Americans To GOP Talking Points!


When historians look back upon 2010's Great Democratic Party Implosion, it's unlikely they'll miss the bizarre campaign against C-SPAN that is now actively underway. To the left, open, televised floor debate is nothing more than a right-wing tool used to disillusion the American people!

Welcome to the "progressive" movement's New Math, where C-SPAN = Fox News!

It's the domestic equivalent of Hugo Chavez warning of military aggression by The Netherlands.

In a caught-on-tape example of this new campaign from Air America's Montel Across America, Igor Volsky of the Center For American Progress makes a truly twisted case against C-SPAN's cameras:

IGOR VOLSKY, CENTER FOR AMERICAN PROGRESS (44:53): I don't think that opening up the negotiations to C-SPAN cameras is a very good idea. Just because we saw what happened on the Senate floor. Nothing meaningful happened...all because they were grandstanding for the C-SPAN cameras...

The real improvements to the bill occurred through the Reid amendments that were introduced in the final hours. And you know, it seems to me that when you consider how this debate played out in 2009 in front of the C-SPAN cameras with all of the hearings and the floor debate in the House and the Senate that it has really become a sideshow theater production and the real work happens behind closed doors.

VOLSKY (47:38): I think the goal should be to get [health-care reform] done and to get it done quickly, and the longer we draw it out with these things being filmed and taped, the longer we have for these artificial speeches and this rhetoric that I think is really part of the reason why the American public doesn't support the health-care bills, because they've heard all of these talking points, this kind of stream of misinformation.

C-SPAN and this ample opportunity the Republicans have to reinforce their talking points day in and day out is responsible for at least part of this dissatisfaction you now see [regarding] the bills.

Who will be demonized next, Bugs Bunny? Aren't these people quickly running out of scapegoats?

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  • Ah yes, the loony leftoons cannot have the "transparency" the Obungler "administration" promised upon election. The American people might actually object to being raped by the Democrats in Congress if the Obamacare "negotiations" are televised. Hipocrisy, thy name is liberal!

    "You Can Lead Liberals & RINOs To Knowledge, But You Can't Make Them Think!" - ME

    By Anonymous LIBSTOMPER, at 08 January, 2010 14:19  

  • Government only works right when the Politburo meets in secret.

    of course.

    How stupid were we?


    By Blogger GeronL, at 10 January, 2010 23:22  

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