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26 September 2010

Kos Kook: Conservatives Preparing For Violence


Smear Merchant Claims Conservatives Preparing For Violence

American conservatives are preparing for violent conflict, according to left-wing smear merchant Markos Moulitsas. Operator of the DailyKos, an extremist (but high-trafficked) blog site, Moulitsas is spreading his message to anyone who will listen, with liberal talk radio providing a key venue.

Earlier this week, Time Magazine blew an opportunity to confront him, choosing instead to go soft.

What exactly is his point? Yes, "Kos" has a new book to peddle, American Taliban, but it has already bombed, ranked 855 in sales by Amazon less than a month after its release.

So unless Kos truly believes sales can be revived, what's the objective of this crusade? To convince the left they must arm themselves for a supposedly inevitable war? Is he eager for an outbreak of violence?

Or, is there a coherent election angle here? If so, it's less than clear.

From Thursday's Stephanie Miller Show:

MARKOS MOULITSAS (32:48): Right now there is a six month backlog on ammunition in this country. People trying to buy bullets cannot buy bullets because they’ve been hoarding these guns. These aren’t people who aren’t people who are hoarding guns and ammo because they way to participate in a peaceful Democratic process.

STEPHANIE MILLER: Well you’ve got candidates like Sharron Angles saying second amendment remedies.

MOULITSAS: Right, when you have key top level Republicans saying that sort of thing, you have a movement that really rejects democracy as a tool and are willing to resort to violence and they haven’t yet. They started to resorting to violence after Obama was elected, cause having an African American with the middle name Hussein sort of blew their minds. But, the Tea Party movement sort of allowed them to channel their energies into something a little more healthy than shooting people.

MILLER: Well right, but Marcos there have been exactly what the Homeland Security Department report talked about. There have been a huge increase in right-wing violence.

MOULITSAS: I know and there have been.

MILLER: They all screamed about it and it’s true. It’s quantitatively provably true that there have been a lot of violence that have been, I think has been fomented by a lot of these right-wing characters.

But the ammo shortage is already over and was caused by a number of factors, including fears Second Amendment rights would be rescinded and old-fashioned production issues. In addition, the "right-wing violence" allegations made here weren't backed up with actual incidents.

Beyond his extreme rhetoric, Moulitsas' delivery is tough to take. Clearly the product of parochial, inward-looking East Bay "progressive" politics, he seems willing to accept at face value almost any conspiracy theory thrown his way.


  • If Kos actually believed what he said here, he would be seeking asylum in Cuba, Venezuela, or North Korea because he would be one of the major targets of all of us "violent conservatives".

    By Anonymous Rhymes With Right, at 26 September, 2010 20:04  

  • Brian,

    I normally use Google Chrome as my browser.

    Lately, it will not allow me to access your site. It claims there is malware on your site.

    You may want to check why Google Chrome gives this message.

    I have no problem accessing your site with IE or Firefox.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27 September, 2010 11:02  

  • You some Kos, come get some. But remember this, you & the recipient class are going down, & there is not a damn thing you can do about what is coming.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 27 September, 2010 13:40  

  • Meanwhile, Mike Malloy is spewing that Liz Cheney should be preparing her dad's funeral. Egads, these people are hypocrites and hate-mongers and filth-spewers.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27 September, 2010 15:34  

  • I wouldn't be caught dead using Google Chrome as my browser.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 28 September, 2010 00:29  

  • Hilarious.... This vertically-challenged, morally illiterate dwarf of mixed mutt hispano-hellene DNA believes that GOP & rightie-whities are going to blow up the country after winning big election in Novembe. Ah yes, midget Markos understands us all better than we understand ourselves...!

    By Blogger dave in boca, at 28 September, 2010 02:03  

  • The man has lost it. (That is, if he ever had it to begin with.)

    BTW: Who is this Stephanie Miller person? The one who claims on her own show (?) that there's been a huge increase in right wing violence? What drugs has she been taking?

    By Blogger joated, at 28 September, 2010 08:09  

  • And more celebs are packing heat: De Niro, Trump, Marc Antony, Martha Stewart's daughter etc.,,20429404,00.html

    Wonder what KOShole has to say about that.

    By Blogger Rob, at 28 September, 2010 08:56  

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