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29 October 2010

Not All Lefties On Board With Stewart/Colbert Rallies


Second Libtalker Denounces Stewart/Colbert Rallies


As it turns out, not everyone on the left is on board with Saturday's Jon Stewart / Stephen Colbert rallies planned for Washington.

First, liberal talk show host Bill Press denounced the seemingly-frivolous events masquerading as bona-fide political activism, referring to them as "a big masturbation festival on the National Mall." Now, a second libtalker has joined in, MSNBC's Ed Schultz, ripping the rallies during his syndicated radio program.

Schultz chastised organizers for "spoofs" and "jokes" in the face of high unemployment and other serious issues. Later in the show, to preserve his "progressive" credentials, Big Eddie randomly attacked a conservative, choosing Glenn Beck after spinning a wheel in his studio:

ED SCHULTZ (01:52): Are we supposed to go to this Stewart-Colbert rally in Washington coming up? I mean, is this for the serious people that want to change America? And I don't think it's even change America anymore, I think it's protect America.

You know, we're living in some pretty serious times. I don't think that anybody has really clarified to my liking anyway whether this is a spoof, a joke, a promotion on their part to get attention, to get more viewers or what's happening here.

To my knowledge, I guess I've never seen or heard of Stewart or Colbert doing any real serious commentary about 15 million people who are unemployed in this country.


ED SCHULTZ (13:41): [referring to Glenn Beck] You fraudulent pig! You drunk! You're still drunk. I have no respect for Glenn Beck, none. He's a phony.

Are there others on the left who'd like to come forward, or is this limited to Press and Schultz? We'd like to know.


  • Since these are journalists complaining, I would chalk this up to professional envy (ESPECIALLY in the case of Ed Schultz).

    By Anonymous Charon, at 29 October, 2010 23:10  

  • I'm with Jon Stewart and Colbert on this one. Any move in the direction of sanity in this country, even if it is only an inch, is welcome after the recent Beckapalooza hate-fest and rally for ignorance.

    By Blogger Repack Rider, at 30 October, 2010 17:06  

  • Another story about Special Ed Shultz being angry at guys with their own shows that have more talent & had more success then Schultz. This is no shock, for a couple of reasons. Special Ed has very little talent &
    Special Ed has no sense of humor. He is an angry man with a troubled past & does'nt really know how keep his temper from getting the better of him. All the reports about bar fights, shooting his dog while hunting, to having a "Domestic Violence Protection Order" taken out against him(documented in public court documents), to his red faced, vein bursting, extreme rants on TV & radio are disturbing. Ed realy needs to get whatever is wrong with him taken care of or he might just end up clutching his chest on the air & dropping dead. He needs help, & he should get it whether he wants it or not.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 01 November, 2010 12:53  

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