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29 October 2010

Trailing In Polls, Alan Grayson Ups Crazy Rhetoric


Embattled Florida Rep May Be Writing Off Tuesday

Down in the polls by seven points, one might think embattled Florida Rep Alan Grayson would find a constructive approach to winning re-election. Instead, the infamously-unhinged Democrat is at it again, doubling-down on crazy rhetoric.

Grayson's inflammatory language has even inspired a website,

Yesterday, Grayson told libtalker Ed Schultz that conservatives were intentionally trying to create a destructive "national nervous breakdown" ahead of Tuesday's elections:

ALAN GRAYSON (32:57): I think the right wing is trying to institute, consciously trying to institute, a national nervous breakdown. They have gotten their supporters so stoked up on hatred and fear that their supporters can't contain themselves anymore. And they're doing it cynically for an advantage in the election.

Is Grayson revealing that he's already given up on another term? This sounds like someone trying out for a liberal talk host position, not attempting to win over moderate voters.

Though he has spent significant sums on TV ads in recent weeks, it seems almost certain this guy is gearing up for the next phase of his career. Could MSNBC be part of those plans? He'd fit right in, that's for sure.


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