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04 November 2010

Libtalk Bully: Boehner's A Crying Drunk


Lefties Race To Define New House Speaker Negatively

With John Boehner now the presumptive House speaker, the race is on from the left to define him their way as quickly as possible. That means the smear machine remains cranked up even with election day behind us.

Because many Americans haven't formed much of an opinion of the Ohio Republican, Democrats are in a big hurry to turn him into the next Newt Gingrich or Robert Bork before the congressman has a fair chance to introduce himself.

Liberal talk radio's role is to road-test strategies, using his election night tears as a weapon against him. Clearly, he was choked up over what he'd just accomplished, it was a moving moment. For Democrats, however, it's just another smear opportunity.

From yesterday's Randi Rhodes Show, here's how much of the upcoming partisan bullying will sound:

RANDI RHODES (11:06): I can't understand what's with the crying. Bush used to cry all the time, he cries all the time. Glenn Beck cries all the time. What is this crying? There's no crying in politics!

CALLER: Well, with Boehner I think he's just one of those sad drunks.

RHODES: I do too.

CALLER: When he's drunk he cries!

RHODES: Yep, I think he's maudlin, I do and I think he drinks the second he wakes up! I don't think he can - I think he's unfortunately one of these guys that, you know, that can't start the day without having a drink because he shakes.

I think that's how in the tank he is, you know and he needs Candy Finnigan - he needs intervention! And now he's in charge of the palace!

RANDI RHODES accusing someone else of requiring intervention? Now THAT is funny.


  • He doesn't drink, does he? I can assure you Randi Rhoades does.

    By Anonymous Angela Brenner, at 05 November, 2010 12:05  

  • Lefties just have to make up stories and out right lie. They have no arguments, so they lie. Who listens to this show anyway?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 05 November, 2010 12:21  

  • These people are just despicable.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 05 November, 2010 12:22  

  • She and her caller don't make a wit of sense. The drunk meme is going no where. We have a drunk as President (see his medical review asking him to cut back on the booze) and that does not seem to bother these two.

    By Anonymous pat, at 05 November, 2010 12:24  

  • The irony of someone mugged by Ketel One Bloody Mary's busting on someone else is delicious.

    By Anonymous TSO, at 05 November, 2010 12:36  

  • Come on folk...No One listens to leftist talk radio...If a broadcaster no one listens to says something, was it really said?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 05 November, 2010 12:43  

  • He gets emotional because he has gratitude, something Randi Robertson will never have. I mean, how good can you be if you get fired from Air America?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 05 November, 2010 12:43  

  • Don't forget we all know Obama was doing lines of coke in college. But of course liberals don't think that's bad. It's the hip thing to do.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 05 November, 2010 12:44  

  • That's "Speaker Boehner" to you, Randi.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 05 November, 2010 12:52  

  • Liberal talk radio, does such a thing exist? Not where I live, so I guess I should be grateful!! Yet another of the many benefits of being a Texan! I guess if there is left-wing radio, it must only be in places like the left coast and New York City, which is kind of redundant as it's take preaching to the choir!!

    By Blogger Woody Floria, at 05 November, 2010 13:03  

  • I find this appalling. But, the Left is in infection on our Body Politic. They lie,cheat at voting as we can see with the 8-9 races still not called. So why not smear the new Speaker? And who the heck is this Randi creep? No one listens to him or at least we would have heard of this dunce.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 05 November, 2010 15:47  

  • It's called 'slander' is the number one weapon of the liberal elite. Trip them when they are up then kick them when they are down....Barney Frank's gay room mate runs a postitution ring out of his problem, Bawrney is a liberal! It's fine....
    Glenn Beck or Rep. Boehner cry in a sincerely moving moment...they are drunks and losers....

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 05 November, 2010 16:31  

  • Randi Rhodes calls John Boehner a drunk???? Funny, because it would probably be necessary for Rhodes to find a staggering drunk that would willing to take this skank home and bang her....they don't make enough light switches or paper bags to do this one!!!

    I think Rhodes calls Anne Coulter a TV because she secretly has a desire to be taken up the backdoor by her...

    Oh well, maybe Randi's husband is able to find some little beach bunny in Marina Del Rey to handle his package rather than having to resort to his no talent wife!!! I'll bet he would prefer a twink over her!!!

    By Blogger KBLosAngeles, at 05 November, 2010 17:14  

  • I feel that everyone is sad and crying because of what the Liberals have done to our country. Making fun of people who become emotional over America's demise is despicable. I almost started crying after hearing the sick comments about Boehner, Bush & Beck. Show a little class.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 05 November, 2010 19:21  

  • Wasn't that buffoon clinton glorified for crying all the time?? That quavering lip... the fake tear (while actually caught joking). Yeah, they loved it when he did it, but naturally, when Bush or anybody else does it, it's a bad thing.

    This is why I hate libs, they're all based on LIES.

    By Blogger Unknown, at 05 November, 2010 20:38  

  • crying when drunk is a heck of a lot better than killing someone (Ted Kennedy the D's hero)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 05 November, 2010 21:17  

  • Randi Rhodes' expertise at calling others out as "drunk" is her at her hypocratic best.
    She did it to Ginni Thomas:
    and now to John Boehner as well.
    She loves to refer to other individuals as possible "pill addicts" while she herself spent time in rehab for cocaine or other addiction(s). Her addiction(s) and overweaning ego are even more obvious with the neverending "touch ups" to that plastic face! Heard her tell a caller she "wondered" how "Botox would work" LOL This woman's face is FROZEN in certain "key spots". She may be able to play with a "Poker Face" on the radio, but she has a "Smoker's Face" in person. What a phony. To call her a "Has Been" would be an overstatement, as she "Never Was" anyone of significance (unless getting a DUI at McGuire Airforce Base, later claiming you were awarded "Most Outstanding Woman" in Today's Airforce" is her legacy)
    HOW many segment(s) to BEER (or Bourbon) Randi? ...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 09 November, 2010 08:41  

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