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03 March 2011

MSNBC Libtalker: Dems Wrong To Tolerate Discussion Of Budget Cuts


Schultz: Dems Wrong To Even ALLOW Budget Debate

To those alarmed over increasing public sector and "progressive" mob rule in Wisconsin, here comes gasoline for the left's fire.

Finding today's Democrats insufficiently thuggish, MSNBC libtalker Ed Schultz used Wednesday's syndicated radio program to chastise his party for even ALLOWING DEBATE on budgetary issues.

In the old days, according to Schultz, today's Madison showdown would never have occurred as Dems effectively prevented opposing views from even being aired.

Just more evidence that the left isn't interested in "civil discourse" at all, it's really about shutting down the debate entirely! Here's the smug thug's rant:

ED SCHULTZ (02 March 2011 Hour One 10:18): Can we agree on one thing? That there is an old Democratic Party out there that would have never allowed Social Security to get even on the table for any kind of discussion, that would never have allowed these kinds of massive cuts to be even proposed without damn near a war inside the Capitol, going back and forth at each other.

The old Democrats, they would not even have allowed this discussion to take place.

Time to send in the pinky ring goons, they'll take care of this in no time at all.


  • Brian,
    I suppose you need something to write about but, darnit, you are Ed Schultz's leading audience and publicist.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 03 March, 2011 07:57  

  • I feel Brian does a nice job in documenting Ed's blowups, outburts, & idiocy. The sad thing is, no matter how hard Special Ed tries to get publicity, he comes up empty. He does some publicity, but it's almost never been good, & that started long before Brian started covering him. Look into Ed's behavior while he was still in North Dakota, most libs I know find him to be less then acceptable.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 03 March, 2011 15:57  

  • Actually, I like Brian's writings about Special Ed and others of his ilk. First of all they're mostly comedians, and it's fun to laugh at them , and secondly I can get the gist of what they're saying without having to suffer through listening to them or watching them. I consider that good deed a public service.

    By Anonymous Jen Inantsi, at 04 March, 2011 12:49  

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