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16 February 2011

Libtalker Hartmann Blames Republicans For Man's Suicide


Libtalker: GOP 'Murderers' Caused Man's Death

Always seeking new ways to demonize non-believers, our "progressive" friends are prone to over-the-top rhetoric. But one libtalker's reaction to a desperate individual's letter may represent a fresh new low.

During his program yesterday, syndicated host Thom Hartmann exploited an unemployed man's apparent suicide note to accuse Republicans of "murder", even though the writer is clearly critical of the entire political establishment for failing to care about his future as benefits reached the dreaded 99-week mark.

Listen as Hartmann reads the man's (lengthy) letter, then twists its content to suit his own extreme agenda:

Hartmann may be further guilty of incomplete research and potentially falling for a hoax. Is this a real letter from a truly suicidal man? Who was/is he?

Its origins are certainly murky.

It's been slowly moving around the Internet for months, with a cluster of previous coverage in November of last year. And the website that claims to have discovered the note has since been shut down. Heading to the address generates nothing but an error message.

Hartmann indicates he saw it at (the otherwise brilliant financial site) Zero Hedge, where it was published Monday.

So, Thom, did Republicans kill a real man, or purely mythical figure? Either way, your reaction is truly ridiculous.


  • Never forget that Hitler's National Socialist Party was deemed Liberal and Progressive and to the Political Left.
    So we can really say that Liberals and progressives are really todays Nazi's.
    Liberals are Socialists, Socialists are Liberals, Socialists are Nazi's so the conclusion is that Liberals are truly NAZIS !

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 February, 2011 09:37  

  • The filthy maggot pigs are the enablers for this swill. Be sure to thank them appropriately for the OUTSTANDING job they have done!

    By Anonymous Mark Matis, at 17 February, 2011 21:37  

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