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07 March 2011

Rosie O'Donnell: Media Conspiracy To Marginalize Michael Moore, Spike Lee


In 'Progressive' Universe, Right Control News Media

Just in case we'd needed a fresh bit of insight into the alternate universe known as "progressive" politics, here's an amusing yet disturbing bit from Monday's Rosie Radio broadcast.

On Planet Rosie, the news media is dominated by the right and they conspire daily to "marginalize" freedom fighters such as Michael Moore and Spike Lee.

Living in fear of their message, Moore and Lee are kept from public view, exactly why we've never heard of either one of them. Spike who?

ROSIE O'DONNELL (57:42): The reason that Michael Moore and Spike Lee are marginalized is because, I think, the media is afraid of them and their message, and whenever someone comes out and is brave enough and bold enough to speak to the social injustices that are happening now, currently, they are often marginalized and silenced in some capacity.

The question: which is more disturbing, Rosie's conspiracy theory or the caller's assertion Americans should spend more time watching films about Malcolm X?


  • The media is afraid of Michael Moore? He's a buffoon, and everyone knows it. Who can possibly take him seriously? He's ignored because he's just an amusing sideshow at best.

    By Anonymous Kathy Jolery, at 08 March, 2011 16:28  

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