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02 April 2011

Rosie O'Donnell's Worried Her Son Will Join Military


In Obamist Era, Left's Military Stance A Muddled Mess


In the Obamist Era, what's a good "progressive" to do? As their Dear Leader morphs into a bomb-dropping warmonger, attacking our troops certainly isn't as easy as when Bush was president. Now, it's Barack's brigade!

In 2011, being "anti-war" is more nuanced, highlighting the "community" aspect of our military, but also expressing the hope that it could become a "service organization" along the lines of Obama's 2008 campaign trail rhetoric.

During yesterday's satellite radio program, listen as Rosie O'Donnell frets over her son's interest in joining the armed forces once he is old enough, her attempts to change his mind, as well as the reassuring hippie-era idealism offered by film director Tom Shadyac (known for overseeing Jim Carrey comedies):

MOVIE PRODUCER TOM SHADYAC (43:45) (On Rosie's teenage son's interest in one day joining the military): Perhaps your child will be one of the ones who rethinks the military, and it becomes a service organization. There's nothing wrong with the military in terms of [being] a police force protecting us. I think we all have a right to live in a somewhat reasonably safe societal structure, but, I don't want to be '60s about this, but use [the military] as a service force.

Drop love and not bombs, and see the power of that.

No further comment needed here.


  • I can't wait to hear what she and other Obama supporters say when he attempts to reinstate the draft. And I believe that he will make that attempt or at the very least discuss it like it is a neccessity.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 03 April, 2011 12:01  

  • It's good that she has a satellite radio show to keep her away from home more and from screwing up her kid. He's obviously got his head on straight.

    By Anonymous Paula Sangosti, at 03 April, 2011 19:07  

  • Rosie, You are a loud, pathetic gay loser. Do your son a favor and cool your jets.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 03 April, 2011 20:27  

  • Sounds like the kid may just have a decent head on his shoulders...

    This could be the event it takes for her to realize how disconnected her ideas are (lacking in logical progression).

    I would just love to hear that she's flying the Eagle, Globe and Anchor right by her front door. What's next? Think he'll want to join the NRA? :-D

    By Blogger Cormac, at 31 May, 2011 18:27  

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