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10 May 2011

Lefty Talker: 'I'm A Bloodthirsty Liberal'


'Progressive' Politics Now Soaked In Blood?

Post-Osama, do our "progressive" friends stand for anything?

Just a few years ago, they were marching in the streets against the Bush/Cheney "war machine" and über-sinister "Military-Industrial Complex".

With their Dear Leader now happily in the warmongering business, however, blood-red is the hot new accessory for spring!

The days of campaigning for a Cindy Sheehan Nobel Peace Prize are apparently long over.

For today's off-the-charts study in political surrealism, here's syndicated libtalker Stephanie Miller openly proclaiming her bloodthirst while Team Steph make jokes about the bloody compound siege:

GUEST JOHN FUGELSANG (6:57): You know what? For a lot of liberals who kind of have mixed feelings about murdering this guy I think we can all agree that we would have liked it a lot more if he’d been taken alive and put on trial in Manhattan...

[Miller interrupts]


FUGELSANG: ...and face the families of his victims.

MILLER: No, I don’t.

FUGELSANG: I’m not going to waste any energy weeping for the guy or feeling bad that he’s dead...

[Miller interrupts again]

MILLER: No, I’m a bloodthirsty liberal. I’m very happy.

PRODUCER: You’re your [conservative] brother in drag pretty much.

"Jumping the shark" suddenly sounds wholly inadequate- we need a new catchphrase for our credibility-challenged "progressive" friends.


  • and that other host Mike whatsisname says he wants Navy SEALs to "pay a visit to Bush", equivocating morally between bin Laden and Bush for massacring innocents. So, attack, kill, shoot your political enemies while you're at it.. but boy, better watch that language because right wing eliminationist rhetoric is what got Giffords shot, right?


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10 May, 2011 12:43  

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