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28 April 2011

A New Low For Libtalker Ed Schultz


Schultz Makes Disgusting Trump - Boy Reference

We've covered a lot of dubious Ed Schultz moments over the years, but his latest depravity may well top them all. The MSNBC libtalker used yesterday's radio program to make a disgusting comparison between Donald Trump and a 12-year-old boy with no consideration for his audience.


Using his best Sylvester The Cat emulation, Schultz was in a particularly nasty mood during the entire program, lashing out at opponents in the angriest manner possible.

When did Ed Schultz turn into Mike Malloy?


ED SCHULTZ (Hour One - 03:29): That is the perfect start to the conclusion of this story, that we have found out that Donald Trump is proud of himself! It's almost as if he's a 12-year-old that just learned how to m--------- and he's really proud of himself!

SCHULTZ (07:59, after playing clip of Stephanopoulos interviewing Trump): See that? That's how Trump plays the game. He's a bully. He's not about facts. It's about him and it's him controlling everything he possibly can. He's not worthy of an interview on The Ed Show. He's a dirtbag. He's a scumbag. He doesn't know. But he's gaming the media bigtime. Give him credit for that.

SCHULTZ (15:13): How will the Drugster handle the story? Nobody cares at this point as he continues to lose audience. And I see that Sean Hannity is now on a regular basis losing to Rachel Maddow. Hmm, interesting. Must be that liberal media that just doesn't connect with people.

He's got a television show, syndicated radio program and direct access to his Obamist pals in power. So why is Ed Schultz so miserable? Only he knows the answer.

ALSO: Ed should check his facts on the Maddow-Hannity ratings situation- the latter is handily beating his MSNBC competition nightly.


  • In addition to his fib about ratings for Maddow, didn't Olbermann dress down some conservative for calling her "Maddow" when the correct pronunciation is actually "MadDoh"?

    I guess Big Ed didn't get the memo.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 30 April, 2011 10:49  

  • Trump is their worst nightmare. His views pretty much mirror those of middle-class America, he's a terrific communicator, and he's honest to a fault (but that's kind of person is needed right now to counterbalance the weaseliness we've seen in the WH since about Harry Truman), and he's very electable.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 01 May, 2011 16:55  

  • One more good thing about The Donald is that's he's successfully managed a large enterprise.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 01 May, 2011 16:57  

  • I am at a loss when it comes to Special Ed, I really am. I don't understand how this man goes on the air, 4 hours a day between TV & radio, & just says whatever the hell he wants to, truth be damned. It's clear the facts do not matter to him, & it's clear that decency does'nt matter either. I really don't get how he his bosses can be happy with his performance, his ratings, & his total lack of civility. His days at MSNBC are numbered, as for his radio gig, who knows, & who cares? I want to see what happens after he flames out. Given his history, the story may end very sadly for him. Sad thing is, nobody will feel bad for him because he's not been a very nice guy over the years.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 04 May, 2011 01:59  

  • Dear Brian,

    While you are correct that Hannity has more viewers than Maddow (whose program I detest), you don’t seem to notice, or you make believe you don’t notice how Hannity, on a consistent basis, loses a full 33% of the audience who Bill O’Reilly bequeaths to him.

    Maddow (whose program I truly detest), builds on the audience that O’Donnell leads in to her.

    Much of the audience Hannity retains is as a result of the immense audience that O’Reilly serves up to Hannity on the proverbial silver platter, even as he manages the near impossible feat of losing a full one-third of the viewers that O)’Reilly generously serves up to him.

    If Hannity followed Shep, Hannity would never come close to O’Reilly.

    The difference is that Bill is a great TV talent, and Hannity is a snake oil no talent in front of a camera.

    So, yes, Maddow is horrible, but Hannity is worse than horrible.

    And O’Reilly is a real talent, and he has a brain.

    Hannity has neither.

    By Anonymous Jay Diamond, at 04 May, 2011 08:12  

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