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10 May 2011

Libtalker Mike Malloy Features Crazed N-Word Rant On-Air


Malloy Airs Unhinged N-Word Tirade

Stability-challenged libtalker Mike Malloy apparently feels he hasn't made enough headlines this week: days after calling for George W Bush's execution, he's followed up with a bizarre N-word rant worthy of the Broadcasting Hall of Shame.

Of course, because Malloy's a "progressive", it's okay to read this crazy letter on the air, especially since a black person gave him permission!

That's why we can't write this one off as mere insanity: our white "progressive" friends see themselves as helpful to African-American struggles, therefore suspensions/terminations are for chumps (named Imus, Schlessinger, etc).

Malloy is "good", so he can only mean well, right?

MIKE MALLOY (26:31): that n----r shouldn't be president! I mean, g--dammit, he's not even American! Where's your birth certificate, boy? You've got a white momma and one of them Af-ree-kan fathers - well, you know what we think of that, don't you? And how'd you get into Harvard boy - we know you aren't smart enough to get into a school like that - you're probably had low grades. I heard you did.

Somebody told me that, must have been one of those affirmative actions to get you into school. I heard Pat Buchanan say he figured it was one of those affirmative action things. I want to see your school records too. I mean, this black guy should not be in the White House - I mean, it's the White House, dammit!

Good thing he began with that disclaimer- it absolves him of any responsibility for what was said immediately thereafter.


  • Will he get replaced like Dr. Laura did?

    By Anonymous Irma Disconse, at 11 May, 2011 12:57  

  • You should listen to the first 30 minutes of Randi Rhodes show today.5-11-11 She has a way of twisting the facts. She also claims she was taken out of context when she flipped out that Bush knew about bin Laden's location. How does one take a 2 hour rant out of context?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11 May, 2011 18:52  

  • This one is lame, Malloy is trying to be edgy, but it does'nt work here. I actually don't have an issue with the n-word if used within a "proper" context. Malloy thinks he has permission to use that word, whatever. He thinks all sorts of things, most of them wrong. But the sad thing is this, Malloy is such a fringe player that he could use the n-word all the time & nobody would notice. Hell, he's just acting out to get attention at this point.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 12 May, 2011 14:46  

  • Why does it sound like Malloy has been sucking helium?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 22 May, 2011 14:56  

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