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21 May 2011

Rosie O'Donnell 's Incredibly Obnoxious On-Air Moment


'Arnold Didn't Have Right To Shriver Legacy'

Though it seems difficult to feel sorry for Arnold Schwarzenegger, a handful of obnoxious commentators may inadvertently pull it off.

got the ball rolling earlier in the week with a ridiculous piece questioning why he ever became a movie star. Aren't there a thousand others in Hollywood who could face the same scrutiny?

Of course, that line of reasoning only encourages our friend Rosie O'Donnell to execute another verbal belly-flop and it's a whopper: a sad attempt at Beacon Hill brahmin-style snobbery.

Why the arrogance? Perhaps Rosie's participation in Oprah's final episode has gone to her head.

We don't need to check with John Kerry to know this rant simply doesn't cut the Grey Poupon:

ROSIE O'DONNELL (1:12:47): There is a legacy of the Shrivers in America, of the Kennedy - Shrivers, right, and it's not the Schwarzeneggers, and I always felt like he, this Republican guy, kinda snuck in and...

BOBBY PEARCE (staffer): She married beneath her...

O'DONNELL: ...That's not my place to say, but I always did feel that, and, I feel like, [he didn't] have a right to that legacy...

PEARCE: And he proved it.

We could remind Rosie of the real Kennedy family "legacy" in this department, but why bother? We'll simply be accused of running a hate site, just as Rosie Radio did the last time we made one too many effective points refuting O'Donnell's commentary.


  • Absent a long family history of smuggling, political corruption, late night swimming lessons and child abuse, I suppose Arnold didn't fit in.

    By Blogger Paul, Dammit!, at 22 May, 2011 16:00  

  • Yeah, like Arnold wouldn't fit in with the Kennedy whore-mongers! At least Arnold was a self-made man -- unlike the Kennedy boys whose daddy bought their elections. Too many Democrats seem to think it's nuts for right-wing Christians to worship Jesus -- but perfectly normal to worship the Kennedys. Go figure.

    By Anonymous Pollynkorect, at 04 June, 2011 02:19  

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