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23 July 2011

Libtalker Bill Press: Why Hasn't John Boehner Been Struck And Killed By Lightning?


Former CNNer: Boehner Deserves A Fatal Jolt

Daring to defy the Dear Leader isn't just a health risk in North Korea, here in America, it could prove just as punishing. How could anyone possibly question the great wisdom of Barack Obama?

In the deranged world of "progressive" politics, Boehner's insistence on independent thought and political backbone (yes, he may yet have one!) deserves a fatal response from the ruling class.

Watch here as former CNN host / current syndicated libtalker Bill Press determines the appropriate consequence for refusing to Kneel Before Zod:

BILL PRESS (FRIDAY 22 JULY 2011 - HOUR ONE - 29:57): You know, it's a wonder lightning just doesn't strike people dead on the spot when they say stuff like that [followed by lightning sound effect].

We could remind Press of the need for "civility" in political discourse, but apparently that only applies to conservatives. So keep on hating, Bill, it's okay- you're a "progressive"!


  • Yet another left-wing death-wish comment. File it next to these type of comments from Mike Malloy, Randi Rhodes, Ed Schultz, Stephanie Miller, etc. And to think this hypocrite wrote a book called "Toxic Talk".

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 July, 2011 18:17  

  • This is par for the course. Progressive radio is what it is, & I like that. I think it's a good thing to hear exactly what fools like Press & the other zilch lefty talkers think. Their comments leave no doubt about their issues concerning tollerence & civility. What sucks for Press is that America has moved on from him since his CNN days. He's done, & has been for years.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 24 July, 2011 07:53  

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