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01 July 2011

Al Sharpton Continues Obsession With Herman Cain


Sharpton Just Can't Stop Talking About GOP Candidate

While political pundits all but rule out Herman Cain's chances in securing the GOP presidential nomination, you wouldn't know it from listening to Al Sharpton's syndicated radio program.

In recent weeks, the Reverend has appeared obsessed with picking apart the African-American candidate's every word, coming across as incensed that Cain has dared to throw his hat in the ring.

Of course, having a black Republican candidate in the race certainly damages the Democrat's projected image of a "racist" GOP, but Sharpton also seems particularly peeved at the former corporate CEO's passionate (and clearly effective) denunciations of Obama.

During Friday's syndicated radio program, Sharpton and a member of his entourage took turns riling up listeners over the apparent menace that is Herman Cain:

AL SHARPTON (16:55): This is what he’s [Herman Cain] done several times. He first went on Jon Stewart, I mean not went on Jon, but I mean he got into it with Jon saying that he that they ah liberal media didn’t want, hated seeing a black conservative, but he doesn’t want to bring up race. Well, he had just brought it up.

Now he goes on a diatribe about the president and him and who’s black and whether who’s the strong black, but then he doesn’t want to bring in race. It’s almost like I’m gonna call you two or three names, but then say I don’t want to get into name calling when I’m the one who brought it up. Nobody’s brought up in the discussion about race anything but Herman Cain.

So which is it, is Herman Cain an also-ran not worth discussing, or major threat to Sharpton, Obama & Friends?


  • Sharpton and his ilk are modern-day slave overseers. When a black man flees the liberal plantation, Democrats set their dogs on them. Democrats hold blacks in chains of ideology as surely as they used to hold them in chains of iron.

    By Blogger Lone Ranger, at 02 July, 2011 01:39  

  • OT; WBZ aka WBOZO Does For talk radio what Hitler did for the Jews !

    By Anonymous Anonymous One, at 04 July, 2011 03:37  

  • Poor Sharpton, never was very smart.

    By Blogger 10ksnooker, at 04 July, 2011 18:57  

  • I am reminded of an old 90's era song "Everything to Everyone" by Everclear. In it, the lyrics that sum up those who support guys like Sharpton & Jackson...

    "I think you are blind to the fact that the hand you hold is the hand that holds you down"

    ...& despite the fact that it seems like they have done well when they were supposed to be doing good, it does'nt matter. Some folks never learn, & those people deserve their lousy life.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 05 July, 2011 21:55  

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