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25 July 2011

Libtalkers: Geller, Beck, O'Reilly Deserve Share Of Norway Blame


Massacre Exploited By Left For Partisan Gain


There's nothing like a horrific massacre to score cheap partisan points, especially when the incident can be blamed on one's ideological enemies. Extra credit is awarded for furthering the idea that all violence and hate originates in the US and then spreads globally.

Since Norway's gunman had written a lengthy manifesto citing two anti-Islamist websites based in America, our "progressive" friends have gone to town, liberally including a laundry-list of foes. All somehow share the blame.

Leading the left's hit list is blogger Pamela Geller, whose work was said to have been mentioned by gunman Anders Behring Breivik. That somehow opens the door for bringing Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck and other American commentators into the mix.

From today's Stephanie Miller Show:

STEPHANIE MILLER (25 JULY 2011): Good morning your rudeness.

LEE PAPA (GUEST): Good morning.

MILLER: Wow! Chris just handed me, our Freeper friends, Freepers say they understand and support this Norwegian terrorist because he killed pro-Palestinian commies. Wow!

PAPA: Wow, that’s beautiful, and this is not to mention this great Wall Street Journal editorial that says essentially, wow, we really hope this doesn’t hurt the cause of our anti-Muslim crusade.


MILLER: Yeah how’s Pam Geller this morning I wonder?

PAPA: Yeah, well and (miller interrupts)

MILLER: "Atlas Jugs"

LAVOIE: Well, the shooter mentioned her specifically in his manifesto.

MILLER: Really now!

PAPA: Quoted quoted Pam Geller and quoted jihad watch another right wing blog sixty four times. So so go America.

MILLER: Yeah, I mean that’s the thing rude and yet when will the press in this country stop ignoring the fact that you know Bill O’Reilly targeted you know Dr. Tiller how many times on television until what happened happened. That you know the guy who shot up the Tides Foundation did it specifically because Glenn Beck talked about it and he said that. Who’s the other one, Byron Williams was the guy who shot up the cops. I mean you know it is all part and parcel of the same thing.

Luckily for the liberals, the Unabomber never wrote a manifesto citing "progressive" books and essays as inspiration, nor did any number of socialist revolutionaries pen lefty love letters before committing historic atrocities across the globe.

UPDATE: Beck has jumped right into the middle of the fray by criticizing the youth camp's political nature.

As of yet, Breivik's only known foreign ties were to British extremists.

UPDATE: Thom Hartmann and guest / author Frank Schaeffer crank up the hate rhetoric by a factor of one hundred, see below

FRANK SCHAEFFER (GUEST / AUTHOR) (25 JULY 2011 - HOUR TWO 4:20): [The Norwegian terror attacks were] blow[s] aimed at the heart of Western culture, not just Norway, and it was the same blow that is being aimed at the heart of our culture when you give people like Glenn Beck, Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, and others a megaphone, which Murdoch has done, and it's the blow that's being aimed at the heart of our country by the eighty or so freshman [Tea Party] congresspeople who are now trying to literally make a point by destroying the U.S. economy.

The author is from a community that is 88% white, by the way, with a median family income above $100,000 per annum.


  • If you point your coat hangers in the right direction, Cleveland, you can get progressive talk soon.

    Hey! Let's start an all-progressive network...what's Al Franken doing these days? :) (I guess the guy's radio can't pick u NPR.)

    By Blogger raccoonradio, at 26 July, 2011 16:04  

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