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22 July 2011

Stephanie Miller: Murdoch May Have Staged Pie Attack As Stunt


Libtalker: Incident Staged As Sympathy Ploy

Who knew News Corporation Chairman Rupert Murdoch was also in the bakery business?

While the rest of the world is concerned with terrorism in Norway, collapsing debt negotiations, war and famine, our "progressive" friends are still stuck on the big fish that got away.

Just one week ago, it seemed as though the collapse of News (and with it, archenemy Fox News Channel) was imminent, only to have it later slip right through the left's fingers. In a desperate bid to keep the controversy alive, the Smear Machine's Conspiracy Factory got to work.

The result: a new "theory" that Murdoch himself set up the pie delivery as a sympathy ploy. From today's Stephanie Miller show:

JIM WARD (MILLER PRODUCER) (22 JULY 2011 - 30:36): There’s some talk that that [pie incident] may have been staged, that whole thing.

HOST STEPHANIE MILLER: Yeah, that was a little weird to somehow make the story all about her (Wendi Deng)

WARD: [attempting to imitate Murdoch] ...Make me more sympathetic. [Inaudible] trying to throw a pie in my face.

It’s funny how one pie on the face can make the world forget about a dead whistleblower.

MILLER: Ha yeah! Isn’t that the most amazing thing, the police don’t consider it suspicious, well I do! Huh, really! I think everyone else does.

WARD: You conspiracy theorist!

MILLER: Yeah, I know

FUGELSANG: Oops, the wind.

At least liberal talk radio can occasionally be entertaining, too bad that only occurs when they've gone completely over the edge.


  • I guess one advantage to doing all those drugs is it makes one more creative.

    By Anonymous Perry Allen, at 22 July, 2011 21:30  

  • Jim Ward is NOT a Miller producer; he's a FEATURED PERFORMER on the show. And he didn't just "attempt" to imitate Murdoch...he's one of the best, um, mimics around. (A favorite running gag on the Stephanie Miller show is the fact that Charlie Rangel once called him a "mimic")
    rather than an impressionist. I wonder what he calls Monet, Manet, Debussy and Ravel. (NOTE TO BRIAN: Monet and Manet were painters, Debussy and Ravel were musical composers).

    By Anonymous Laurence Glavin, at 23 July, 2011 13:30  

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