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12 August 2011

Mike Papantonio Disparages Christians At Texas Gathering


Libtalker / Trial Lawyer Slams 'Would-Be Christians'

It's no surprise to see Democrats set their sites on Texas Governor Rick Perry now that he appears poised to jump into the 2012 GOP presidential primary. Operation Scary Perry is well underway.

But the attacks are already so nasty that the upcoming election season could absolutely prove the most disgusting ever. Thank our enlightened "progressive" friends for that.

During yesterday's syndicated Ed Schultz Show, guest host / notorious trial lawyer Mike Papantonio not only slammed Perry as a "hustler" and "charlatan", but disparaged the thousands of Christians in attendance at a recent Texas prayer rally, apparently for failing to adhere to his "progressive" view of religion.

Papantonio is known as well for his frequent MSNBC appearances and weekend radio show co-hosted by Robert F Kennedy Jr. His law firm once employed "Morning Joe" Scarborough, also of the liberal cable network.

In the clip below, watch as "Pap" delivers layer upon layer of unhinged hatred for Perry and those at the event:

MIKE PAPANTONIO (02:49): Like most people listening to this show, I looked forward to sitting through a church service on most Sundays. But you know what, I don't judge people at all when they believe in something different than what I believe in.

That's why a room full of 30,000 Christians praying for a better world, I believe, you know, it'd be a good thing. But when Perry launched his presidential bid in Texas in front of 30,000 would-be Christians, would-be believers down in Texas weeks ago, all I saw was another hustler, another charlatan, just like Lee Atwater in Mississippi with Ronald Reagan all over again.

There was nothing Christian about that rally, ladies and gentlemen, it was just like Reagan in Philadelphia, Miss., in 1980

Like a good trial lawyer, he packed everything but the kitchen sink in there, didn't he? The ghosts of Reagan and Atwater, Texas, Perry, thousands of Christians, "Pap" really knows how distribute hatred efficiently.


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