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22 December 2011

Ed Schultz Has Two Versions Of Bar Encounter With Fox Host


Schultz Later Softens Fox Host Bar Run-In Story

Ever hear this one? A guy walks into a bar, bumps into a cable talk rival, then....

Sadly for Ed Schultz, he doesn't remember the punchline, mostly because he was behaving as Ed Schultz normally does in a bar. If there had been a fistfight, it might be easier to recall.

Does he really believe Fox Business Channel's Eric Bolling would make up a story about buying MSNBC's Bully-In-Chief a drink?

Yes, it's a silly flap, one that might not generate much attention during a busier news cycle, but it does provide insight into Schultz's fuzzy, hazy, "cold one"-centered existence.

While several sites including Mediaite and Huffington Post have reported on Big Eddie's televised version of events, we have his far more strident assertions from the radio program earlier yesterday. There, he was adamant the encounter never took place, but then seemed to leave plenty of wiggle room on MSNBC.

ED SCHULTZ: [after playing clip of Eric Bolling on Fox's The Five]: That - never - happened. I don't know Eric Bolling. I have never bumped into him before, to my knowledge. No one has ever bought me scotch and anybody that knows me knows I don't drink that garbage.

Look, Eric, if you ever do run into me and if you do get my attention, because I don't drink with conservatives, nor would I buy a conservative a drink. I don't, I have no reason to, my God, you people have had all the tax breaks, now you want me to buy you booze?! It ain't gonna happen!

On MSNBC later, however, he seemed to admit it could have happened after all, saying, "Sorry, dude, I didn’t realize you were looking for a handout."

Memo to other cable guys who might bump into Big Eddie sometime: he drinks A LOT. His memory is FUZZY. He has a HOT TEMPER.

And because we've seen him at radio conventions, we know he's about as much fun as... wait, it's hard to remember.


  • Special Ed has a track record of borish & violent behavior, sometimes at home, & sometimes at bars, taverns, saloons, & pubs. So Eric Bolling is probably telling the truth. I did laugh though, at Ed's quote. "Sorry dude, I did'nt know you were looking for a handout", that's funny. Politically speaking, Ed is all about handouts. He loves the big welfare politicians who just pander to anyone & everyone who never worked an honest day in their worthless lives. Those folks & those who work for their union bosses & not those signing their paychecks.

    Special Ed will implode, it's just a matter of time. While being in a violent drunken haze is a very good bet. You may be able to lead a horse to water, but it seems that this is 1 horse's ass you can get to drink.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 23 December, 2011 11:44  

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