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26 December 2011

Obama-Slamming Liberal Talker Lynn Samuels Passes Away


Independent Thinker Samuels Did It Her Way

"Why are you writing about me?"

In covering some of her most outrageous outbursts, we never did manage to convince longtime liberal talker Lynn Samuels of our motives. Given how others generally ignored her, the former WABC host turned satellite chatter was puzzled by our attention.

Samuels passed away at home in New York City aged 69 on Christmas Eve, according to multiple press reports. Whatever did occur, there was no time to say goodbye. Her website and Twitter page had been updated just a day earlier.

Your Radio Equalizer
found Samuels refreshingly genuine and unique, refusing to tow the party line, as opposed to NBC's predictable cable talk lineup. She could blast Republicans and rip Obama to shreds without pausing for air. Refusing to give up her trademark accent, she came across as authentically New York City.

Most of all, Lynn Samuels was entertaining. THAT'S why we wrote about her!

More recently, however, satellite radio gave her the opportunity to really let loose and the results were sometimes excessively obscene and nasty. But unlike one-note hate-talkers such as Ed Schultz, Samuels made up for it with warmth and courtesy elsewhere.

Samuels worked with
many of talk radio's greats, including Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and others. We reached out to Hannity last night via email for reaction. Here's his response:

"I am so sad to hear about the passing of Lynn Samuels. While most people may know we had many political disagreements, many may not know we developed a strong friendship over the years. We would often instant message late into the night about politics, radio, the Easter marshmallow Peeps she loved so much (only the yellow ones) and topics too numerous to recall.

"She was a true original, a terrific talent, and her voice and instant messages will be greatly missed," Hannity added.

In addition to rare open criticism of Obama from a left-wing talker, Samuels was known for kind words toward some of the conservatives with which she shared an office (at one point using the same desk as Rush!):

Samuels was furious when fellow liberal Juan Williams was fired by NPR, especially when few others came to his defense due to Fox News Channel ties:

Samuels saved perhaps her harshest criticism for former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, blasting the San Francisco Democrat for blindly supporting Obama through the most ridiculous of circumstances:

Samuels will be remembered above all else for her zero tolerance of phoniness, especially in politics. While you might not have agreed with her views, it was difficult not to respect her passion and courage. She'll be missed.


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