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29 March 2012

Confronted By Caller, Sharpton Claims He Hasn't Played Race Card


Sharpton: I Never Claimed Race Motive

Would you be willing to believe Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, NBC and the rest of the unhinged mob in Sanford aren't motivated by race? Or is it the funniest thing you've heard in ages?

Sharpton's recent antics have been so overt and brazen, it's hard to believe he'd even attempt to claim otherwise. Just two minutes of his increasingly hysterical MSNBC program will clear up any viewer's confusion.

Even liberal Margaret Carlson has spoken out against Sharpton (right image, via AP), saying "I See a Demagogue with Kerosene."

And yet, here's the infamous racial arsonist swearing up and down he's never claimed an ethnic motive behind the Trayvon Martin shooting or asserted George Zimmerman's guilt. Then what exactly motivated the reverend to set up camp in Florida? Or to devote so many hours of radio and television airtime to the subject?

And what made these savage Florida murders of British tourists, killed for making a wrong turn into a troubled neighborhood, NOT worth protesting (or even mentioning)?

Listen as the reverend dances around tough questioning (by shifting the racial aspect over to Trayvon's family and supporters) by a radio caller who somehow got past Sharpton's screener yesterday:

That must mean this never occurred:

"DO THE RIGHT THING! DO THE RIGHT THING! ARREST ZIMMERMAN NOW," demanded Al Sharpton of the Sanford City Commissioners.

With more than 500 people packed into the meeting, Al Sharpton had the crowd on their feet speaking about the role race played in Trayvon Martin's death.

"You are making the world know you as a place of racial intolerance and double standards," he said.

Or this:

Civil rights leader Al Sharpton warned commissioners that Sanford risked becoming a 21st century version of civil rights struggle in the South during the 1960s.

Sharpton said Martin's parents endured "insults and lies" Monday over reports that their son attacked Zimmerman.

Or this:

Following the death of Martin, Rev. Al Sharpton, the leader of Trayvon Martin rally, the Congressional Black Caucus and NAACP condemned the shooting and labeled it a racially-motivated "hate crime."

And we're guessing Al's partner in crime Jesse Jackson didn't say this:

"Racism is too real to be dismissed," said civil rights leader, Jesse Jackson, in a sit-down interview with FOX35 Saturday.

"Maybe it's a perfect storm," he said of the Trayvon Martin tragedy.

"You have a case, a vigilante, him operating outside of a bad law - who kills an unarmed 17-year old kid and then he walks away."

Reverend Jackson told FOX35 he believes the fatal shooting on February 26th was racially motivated.

"Maybe this case is kind of the tipping point that gives us insight into just how hard it is to be black in America."

He says he sees racism around the world every day, it has even affected his three successful sons.

Sharpton's doublespeak here is positively Orwellian. Is he attempting to head off blame for any upcoming violence resulting from his fire in a crowded theatre-like rhetoric?

If the reverend is reluctant to increase his body count, perhaps it's time to step aside before the situation spirals out of control.

28 March 2012

MSNBC's Ed Schultz: My Critics Are 'Pigs'


'Pigs' Stole His Sanity, Now He Wants Revenge


Poor Ed Schultz: conservative "pigs" have stolen his sanity and now he wants revenge. Not that there's much proof of previous psychological stability, of course, but today he appears ready for the slingshot.

An unhinged whine-fest dominated yesterday's syndicated radio show, where the "progressive" model of civility seemingly couldn't contain his anger.

Apparently prohibited or discouraged from addressing on television the ongoing accountability campaign directed at himself, Reverend Al Sharpton and senior NBC management, Schultz used the one venue network brass doesn't control.

Below, a montage of yesterday's radio rants:

ED SCHULTZ (05:30): You know that I have not whined one bit. We're letting the free market play out. That, you think that our advertisers aren't getting heat from the right wing? Well let me tell you. Media Research Center, which is headed up by that bozo Brent Bozell, has gone so far as to write an open letter to Comcast trying to get rid of Phil Griffin, myself and Al Sharpton. You haven't seen me do anything on TV about this. You haven't seen me do anything on this radio show about this. Uh, some of my advertisers are getting hit. You know, some of my advertisers are being complained about. Look, this is the free market playing out.

SCHULTZ (06:16): So now this is Mark Stevens going on Fox News complaining about what's happening to his business because people are doing the sa-, let's, it's happening to me too, OK? Now you guys started it! You know, I didn't go on the air for nine hours. Your guy went on the air for nine hours, OK? And Bozell wants me fired. He wants Al Sharpton fired.

He wants Phil Griffin fired. I mean, Comcast, they're calling Comcast board members at home. That's the rumor that I'm hearing. I haven't confirmed it but that's what I'm hearing. There's an email campaign going out that's very strong from the right wing. So this is what's happening.

SCHULTZ (07:32): I'd like to see some of those emails, Mr. Stevens. I'd like to hear some, I'd like to talk to some of your employees who have gotten these phone calls that you're complaining about. You know, let's get a full vetting of this here. That's a hell of an accusation. It's almost borderline threatening and illegal what this guy described on Fox News yesterday.

SCHULTZ (08:33): And so Brent Bozell [sarcastically], he's on the Media Research Center! He is the god of content! He is the moral authority! He goes on with Hannity, Hannity plays clips over and over again. They are trying to gin up a case.

SCHULTZ (10:29): You know, if these people want to fight every day, we'll fight every day. That's OK with me. For too long, liberals were afraid to stand up to these pigs. I will.

Ed, the pigs are in place, feel free to hurl yourself into space as soon as you're ready.

BONUS CLIP: libtalk attacks against Tim Tebow are on the rise after his move to New York. From the Bill Press Show:

25 March 2012

Libtalkers Blame Ronald Reagan, GOP For Trayvon Shooting


'Progressive' Script Ties ALL Foes To Florida Shooting

Need to score cheap political points against every last conservative foe? Nothing works better than the left's patented Blame-O-Matic machine!

Just plug in today's outrage and Blame-O-Matic will do the rest. Was a child shot in Florida? B-O-M says Republicans did it. Talk radio's responsible. Rush, the Tea Party, Bush (any Bush, just choose one or two at random) Sarah Palin, Santorum, you name it, this clever device will nail them all!

A special switch even activates a Slam-Savage-American-Society-At-Large mode for added benefit.

And if a normally-reliable "progressive" makes a politically incorrect observation about the incident (okay for Geraldo, but certainly not a conservative!), a bypass lever ignores it.

Of course, inconvenient facts like George Zimmerman's Hispanic background and conflicting eyewitness testimony can quickly be swept away by the establishment media.

But even the Blame-O-Matic has its limitations. When, despite best efforts, the story begins to fade from the news cycle, Holder's Justice Department stands ready to pour gasoline on the fire.

To date, our favorite B-O-M rant is found below. Why stop at Bush and Republicans when Reagan can be brought into the mix? Who's next, Nixon? Lincoln?

Added bonus: ALEC, a mainstream Republican legislative association, is thrown into the mix for good measure. It's been a recent target of "progressive" extremists:

THOM HARTMANN (47:39): Ever since Reagan became president, this curtain came down, and we kind of froze time for thirty years, and we haven't had this national conversation [about race].

NICOLE SANDLER (RANDI RHODES SHOW) (11:29): And I'll tell you who pushing for these kinds of laws - ALEC! And we've talked about ALEC, I've talked with you on Randi's show about ALEC. The American Legislative Executive Council, a nonsense uh uh name for a group of big corporations who enlist the help of state - mostly Republican state legislators to write laws that hurt us. And ALEC is pushing for the 'stand your ground' law around the country!

Sadly, the B-O-M machine is of no use in the case of two British tourists murdered in Florida last year simply for making a wrong turn into a housing project late at night. It was barely covered in the American media, though a major story in Europe.

22 March 2012

'Progressives' Attempt To Dictate Conservative Talk Topics


Resist We Much II: The Crappy Sequel

Welcome to Obama Bizarro World 2012, where talk radio topics are to be vetted by "progressive" foes in advance, not just for "offensive" content, but to make sure hosts are sticking to pre-approved topics dictated by far-left activists.

For days, conservative hosts have been taking heat for not spending enough time (or covering it using Politburo-approved talking points) on the Trayvon Martin shooting in Florida.

A sad story, to be sure, but it may or may not have national implications. That's very much open to debate.

But because "progressives" have deemed it a race-based hate crime (even though the shooter's ethnic identity is murky) underscoring a bigoted American society, or something like that, talkers must devote a substantial chunk of airtime to the story.

Added benefit: it deflects attention away from Obama's sagging popularity.

Along comes Al Sharpton, who should be expected to set the proper example for unenlightened commenators everywhere. But he can't even pronounce the slain boy's name!

Welcome to Resist We Much II: The Crappy Sequel...

AL SHARPTON (15:07): When you look at the Trayon Wilson case, I mean I’m reading while I’m talking, Trayon Martin’s case Trayvon’s case if you look at the case of where we are in Detroit with Emergency Management.

If you look at on Monday they start the hearings on the affordable care act. I mean we’ve (blacks) got so many ways they're coming after us that if we do not get it clear that we need to be together in a strategic way I don’t know what will get it clear.

Less amusing by far is Sharpton's dangerous racial rhetoric asserting a coordinated plot against African-Americans. But hey, it's just another day for the nation's favorite racial arsonist!

Remember, RUSH is the problem, not Al Sharpton & Friends!

17 March 2012

Sharpton Show Callers, Hosts Demand Fox Shutdown


Sharpton Daughter: Al's On Mission From Above

Emboldened by their supposed "weakening" of Rush Limbaugh, the "progressive" censorship mob is now aiming squarely at other outspoken Obama opponents and portraying their own side as Heaven-sent. How bizarre is that?

After daring to take the Reverend Al Sharpton to task for past misdeeds (Tawana, Freddy's Fashion Mart, so many more) and even criticize the Dear Leader himself, presidential critics apparently deserve a one-way trip to underground re-education gulags.

From yesterday's edition of radio's syndicated Keeping It Real With Reverend Al Sharpton, the excerpt below is quite frankly unreal. Guest hosts Dominique Sharpton and Andre Eggelletion happily allowed a number of callers to demand opposition heads on a platter.

Known mostly for an ugly 2009 altercation, Dominique is the reverend's daughter. For his part, Eggelletion has been active in free speech suppression efforts in Southern California, working to remove KFI's top-rated John & Ken from Los Angeles airwaves.

While Obamists have contended for years that any and all criticism of the president is conveniently "racist", Dominique moved the debate further into the Twilight Zone by asserting that her father is doing "God's work".

Who knew Al Sharpton and Lloyd Blankfein had so much in common? Funny how the biggest hucksters are so quick to claim orders from above.

The audio's longer than we usually feature here and therefore a bit much to transcribe, but worth a listen from beginning to end:

Where does this end? When all of Obama's critics are rounded up and sent away? Do they really expect Regime opponents to comply without fighting back?

16 March 2012

Media Matters Flak Revels In 'Weakened' Limbaugh


Hey 'Progressives': Think You Won't Be Next?

Remember those nasty anti-corporate "Occupy" protests a few months back? Now that companies have cowardly shied away from political controversy and pulled talk radio advertising, all is apparently forgiven.

That's right, our "progressive" friends at Media Matters are suddenly "proud" of big business!

All it took was their participation (under intense liberal pressure, of course) in an ill-advised Rush Limbaugh boycott campaign.

Of course, this slippery slope that has even some on the left warning of a milquetoast future for radio and TV political commentary is lost on gloating liberal activists now taking their victory lap.

Do they really believe "progressives" Ed Schultz (shown upper right image), Randi Rhodes, Mike Malloy, Stephanie Miller, Bill Press, Thom Hartmann, Al Sharpton, Bill Maher, Jon Stewart and many, many more won't be affected?

It's the political equivalent of mutually assured destruction. But go ahead, keep launching your missiles! See what happens next.

From Thursday's Bill Press Show, here's Media Matters Spokesperson Katie Paris lauding firms for "really getting it":

KATIE PARIS - MEDIA MATTERS FOR AMERICA (32:16): I would have never thought you know when we launched Media Matters about eight years ago that we could ever even be having this discussion about, you know, Rush Limbaugh being this weakened, but you know look I’m really proud of American companies right now you know they’re really getting it.

Katie, what they're "really getting" is to stay away from ALL controversial programming, ALL political commentary and ALL interesting radio and television. That leaves BORING, tired acts like Geraldo, Mike Huckabee and other snoozers who are in position to replace successful conservative shows.

And on the left, it means a quick end to "progressive" talk radio and the conversion of MSNBC into a 24-7 headline news outlet. Music stations and apolitical cable channels will reap the benefits of additional advertising.

Is this really what you want?

14 March 2012

Lefty Tavis Smiley Slams Obama Over SuperPac 'Hypocrisy'


While Others Target Rush, Smiley Focused On Obama

While establishment Democrats high-five one another for their (as yet elusive) success in silencing conservative Obama critics, they've apparently overlooked discontent from the left.

One recent source of "progressive" dissent has been the syndicated Smiley & West radio show, heard weekends on public radio affiliates. Hosts Tavis Smiley and Cornel West have not been afraid to take Obama to task.

Nor are they spending much, if any, time and energy gloating over free speech suppression tactics used to shut down talk radio.

During the most recent edition of the show, Smiley took longtime union leader Leo Gerard to task for making excuses while Obama emerges as "one of the worst hypocrites" on campaign finance loopholes and SuperPACs.

A survey released earlier today reveals that 69% of Americans want SuperPACs shut down for good, with this sentiment said to be widespread across party lines.

From the program:

TAVIS SMILEY (44:52): And so now the President is playing this Super PAC game. So when you suggest that first we win, and then we change it, suggests to me that you believe in your heart that once Obama wins he’s going to be serious about campaign finance reform.

But now, he’s one of the worst hypocrites respectfully, if I can say that, one of the worst hypocrites in the country is he now on campaign finance reform and you think that once he wins he’s going to get serious about changing the system that he just benefited from?

LEO GERARD, UNION PRESIDENT: Look I think that to be fair I think you’re making an unfair accusation and let me say why.

SMILEY: Tell me why!

LEO GERARD: I think that he opposes it he thinks it’s disgusting I think many of us do, but in this round he can’t fight this election with one hand tied behind his back.

I really need to rob just one more bank, then I'll stop for good, I swear!

BONUS CLIP: watch as libtalker Stephanie Miller repeatedly derides southern voters as living in "cracker land". Nothing to see here, folks, it's just beloved "progressive" tolerance at work:

Remember, it's RUSH that's the problem, not anyone else!

05 March 2012

Libtalk Hate Goes Unreported, Apologies Rare


Why No Consequences For Lefty Hate Talk?

When looking for fresh examples of "progressive" hate talk, it really doesn't take much digging. From any day's libtalk lineup, pick an hour at random and one or more will usually slither its way to the surface quickly enough.

But why go to the trouble? We've already done the work for you, tracking lefty smears by the hundreds (thousands?) here at this site for years. It's all right here.

Despite their horrible nature, it's quite rare to see these instances picked up by the establishment media. Conservatives apparently deserve to be slandered.

That's why the latest manufactured OUTRAGE (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) from our "progressive" friends rings hollow. If subjected to the same standard applied to Rush Limbaugh this week, not one libtalker would still be on their air. Instead, two of the most hateful spent today celebrating a new cable talk deal.

Yes, we've heard the excuses: their radio audience is smaller (yet most now have cable shows, book deals, Huffington Post columns, etc), or they lack advertisers (not true as most firms sponsoring Rush also advertise on libtalk programming). Even some conservatives fall for these tricks.

Liberal radio hate has grown exponentially and remains largely unchecked. Do Midwestern tornado victims deserve ridicule and scorn? "Progressive" talker Mike Malloy sure thinks so. Check out his rant from Friday's broadcast:

MIKE MALLOY (04:56): They keep being killed, you know, their God, if this is where they want to look at it, keeps smashing them into little grease spots on the pavement in - uh - uh - in - in, you know, in Alabama and Mississippi and Arkansas and uh Georgia and, uh, Oklahoma, you know, the Bible Belt. [imitates "preacher" voice] 'Where they ain't going to let no goddamn science get in the way - it says in the Bible, blah blah blah blah blah!

So, according to their way of thinking, you know, God, with his omnipotent thumb, reaches down here tonight and so far tonight has smashed about 20 people into a grease spot on Highway 12 or whatever the hell highway they live next to. It's sad, it's so sad for this kind of nonsense.

Want more examples? Take a look to the right, look through recent posts and archives going back eight years. NOTHING Rush Limbaugh has EVER said could hold a candle to what we've carefully documented at this site. See for yourself.

01 March 2012

Andrew Breitbart's Passing Stuns Talk Radio


Rush, Others Blown Away By Andrew's Sudden Death

The sudden passing of fiery conservative activist Andrew Breitbart (image - left side) at the young age of 43 has talk radio in a state of shock today.

Moments ago, we asked Rush Limbaugh for his initial thoughts and he had this to say: "like everyone, I'm in a state of shock, stunned, all of that. Andrew Breitbart was indefatigable in every endeavor of his life.

"His passing is such a huge loss, to everyone who knew him. There was, literally, no one like him. As such, he is a legend now. He was culturally refined and a bulldog at the same time. And he was credible, always credible. It's just a shame."

Syndicated talker / bestselling author Mark Levin added this: "I am stunned and deeply saddened. Andrew was a wonderful person and patriot. He loved his family and his country.

"I will miss him. Many of us will. May he rest in peace. May his family find peace. God bless him."

Fox News Channel host / syndicated talker Sean Hannity had this reaction:
"Andrew was a warrior, though a happy warrior, who relished political combat. He cared deeply for his friends, his family and his country. The movement has lost a passionate advocate. And I have lost a good friend."

Our own memories: Andrew's energy and passion for the cause seemed limitless. On occasion, out of the blue, he would want to talk on the phone. So many ideas were juggling in his mind, it was hard to understand how he kept up with it all. Once, in Washington, we spoke for hours about the state of the and country. It had been a long day but he didn't seem the least bit tired.

It's hard to believe this voice has been silenced so early. The brightest candle is said to burn most briefly.


More as this develops...

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