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19 April 2012

Ed Schultz Unhinged Against Ted Nugent


MSNBC'S Schultz In No Position To Slam Nugent

When accusing an opponent of mental instability, isn't it best to come across as relatively sane? Perhaps that's too much to expect from MSNBC's Ed Schultz, who operates at only speed: perpetual unhinged anger.

Say what you want about rocker Ted Nugent's recent headline-making rants, his rhetoric really isn't much different than what Obama himself has used on the campaign trail.

As for Ed Schultz, however, we're in a different universe. Who is HE to slam Nugent or anyone else? A sampling of just some of his many greatest deranged hits:

In 2009, Ed inflamed tensions over ObamaCare by claiming Republicans were threatening the president's personal safety

A pathetic anti-police rant in 2011 where he repeatedly called cops "pigs"

Of course, the infamous "slut" denunciation of Laura Ingraham

A public expression of support for cheating through ballot stuffing in the Massachusetts special US Senate election that ultimately sent Scott Brown to Washington

A disgustingly vulgar statement comparing Donald Trump to a 12-year-old boy.

Which brings us to this rant from yesterday's syndicated radio show:

ED SCHULTZ (22:08): Where's NewsBusters on this? Does this psycho dude, what's his name, Bozo Bozell, that runs NewsBusters, does he have, does he have a commentary on this?! See, they always want it their way. Hell, they want to chop your heads off! [laughs] They want to chop our heads off! That's what they want to do! They want to play Braveheart! They want to go into battle! They want to chop our freakin' heads off!

Sorry, Ed, given your dubious track record, you're in NO POSITION to question anyone else's sanity.


  • You have a great point in that Special Ed is an expert on mental stability. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    By Anonymous Sonja, at 19 April, 2012 21:26  

  • Special Ed is now pissed at the Mortor City Madman? Good luck to Ed with this one. Ted is...

    1. Smarter then Ed

    2. Nastier then Ed

    3. He's better shot then Ed (Both with a gun or a bow)

    4. More likable then Ed. People still pay to see Ted. Ed is forced onto your cable/satellite TV package. Just as well, nobody tunes in.

    5. Ted is better on the radio too. Ed's radio career is, well, sort of there. At least he's not Mike Malloy.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 20 April, 2012 02:45  

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