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24 April 2012

Randi Rhodes: Romney-Rubio Tour 'Homoerotic'


Smear Machine Now Targets Mitt, Marco

Did you know that the Republican Party's campaign front-runners are ALWAYS gay? It's true, just ask our enlightened, always civil libtalk friends.

In 2011 when Rick Perry was briefly in the lead, he was suddenly homosexual. Then, when Rick Santorum surged ahead, his sexuality immediately came into question. Win a primary or enjoy a bump in the polls and it's automatic.

And now, with Romney all but assured of the nomination, he's probably gay, too!

Amazing how this works, isn't it?

Watch as the Smear Machine attacks Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio for daring to campaign in public:

RANDI RHODES (23 April 2012 - 11:47): I guess I'll call it the - is Marco Rubio too short to stand next Mitt Romney tour/audition? That's what it is. And you know- and the answer is yes because when they stand next to each other Marco Rubio looks like a 17-year-old. God love him! He does!

He looks like a little boy. It's almost like the Batman and Robin thing that Quayle and Bush senior had going there, it's very homoerotic I gotta say!

Remember, it's conservative talk radio that's the real problem, there's nothing to see here! Move along, people.


  • Since they're trying to show each Republican candidate in the most disparaging light possible, what they are saying is being gay is bad.

    By Anonymous Lindac, at 24 April, 2012 22:01  

  • Randi Rhodes, on her knees for Obama, all the time!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25 April, 2012 13:04  

  • Actually, Randi Rhodes was face down in a pool of booze & smashed her teeth. It was either that or Hannity's fans.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 26 April, 2012 19:50  

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