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05 July 2012

Libtalker Tells Listeners: 'I HATE This G-Damned Country'


It's A Banner Week For 'Progressive' Vitriol

Here's how "progressive" patriotism works: when everything is going exactly their way, liberals grudgingly accept this country. But when their utopian ideals aren't perfectly in place, hate-riotic displays are quickly unleashed.

Contrary to conventional wisdom during the Bush years, the presence of a Democrat in the White House doesn't seem to soften their volcanic rage.

Last month, Bill Press got the ball rolling with his toxic anti-National Anthem rant, which blazed a trail for others to get in on the fun just in time for Independence Day. Chris Rock followed up with a ridiculous "happy white peoples independence day [sic]" tirade, with Hollywood then generously piling-on. And Bill O'Reilly is calling attention to similar words from MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry.

Not one to miss the party is Randi Rhodes pal Nicole Sandler, who professed her hatred during Tuesday's edition of the former's syndicated radio show. Sandler is filling in while Randi is away.

Sandler's reason for despising the United States? Times have been tough since Air America Radio folded! Boy, they never did get over that one, did they:

NICOLE SANDLER (RANDI RHODES SHOW - 03 JULY 2012) (10:40): I HATE this goddamned country! How can I live in a place that lets people go broke because they get sick? How is healthcare not a basic human right?

And here's the now-infamous Bill Press "I hate the National Anthem" rant:

The bottom line: in 2012, our "progressive" friends no longer even pretend to be patriotic, as overt America-bashing is now in vogue.


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