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02 November 2004

Liberal Newspapers Losing Readers

Matt Drudge has posted just-released newspaper circulation figures for the six-month reporting period ending 30 September and it isn't pretty for the liberal old guard.

The Los Angeles Times, infamous for their attempt to sink Arnold last year in a series of last-minute hit pieces before the California recall election, saw a hefty 5.6% circulation drop.

It must not have been a fun day at the even more radical San Francisco Chronicle, where readership fell a staggering 8.5% during the period. The Chronicle has been going downhill ever since former Examiner staffers largely took over control of the paper after the latter's demise in a complicated deal. The formerly moderate Chronicle then took on the extreme political bent of its long-suffering former rival.

The pattern was repeated to a smaller extent at the most certainly leftist Washington Post, with a 3% drop. The more sensible Wall Street Journal saw a 0.8% circulation increase while liberal rivals The Boston Globe and New York Times were essentially flat.

This data backs up my contention that consumers vote with their feet and are dropping subscriptions to biased newspapers they no longer wish to support with their hard-earned money.


  • I believe the liberaly biased media outlets will continue to loose ground. I have always liked balance information, so as to form an intelligent decision. When I was a bit younger, I thought I was getting good info. Heck, I listedn to NPR....they HAD to be complete! Ha! I eventually discovered that I was not recieving 1/2 the story. I starte actively looking for more info on the topics of the day. I eventully discoverd how a conservative side was underrepresented. And lo and behold, I discovered I was more conservative than I had expected, or wanted to admit. It takes a while to realize that being conservative is not necessarily bigoted, homophobic, misogynistic, hillbilly.
    More and more people will realize this and look for a more balanced diet of news.

    By Blogger bingogringo, at 20 April, 2007 15:30  

  • Their years of lies,fabricated news and bias has finaly caught up with them and ttheir paying the price

    By Anonymous Spurwing Plover, at 20 June, 2011 19:00  

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