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24 January 2005

Boxer Doesn't Know When to Stop

Today on Ramblings' Journal, Michael King has new information on Senator Barbara Boxer, who insists she would call Condi Rice a liar all over again. Also there is a great new comic strip featuring Sen Robert ("KKK") Byrd.

Rick Edwards is incredulous that Boxer now claims she was attacked by Rice!

Speaking of nuts like Boxer, Rosenblog has a liberal loser roundup full of items from Seattle and Arcata, CA.

Steven Taylor at Poliblog questions how "bipartisan" Demos are really willing to be:

Via the AP: Democrats Stall Vote on Rice Confirmation.

Given all the talk that is bandied about over “reaching across the aisle” and extending a hand to opposition” one has to wonder what the goal of this is, except to remind Bush that it can be done.


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