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30 January 2005

Even The Guardian Admits Saddam Was Ruthless!

Here's a shocker: The Guardian, England's extreme-left daily formerly from Manchester, running an AP story admitting Saddam was a brutal dictator:

IRBIL, Iraq (AP) - For Fatima Ibrahim, a widow, casting a ballot Sunday amounted to settling accounts with Saddam Hussein for destroying her family.

``Now I feel that Saddam is really gone,'' she said, smiling as she headed home.

Ibrahim was 14 and a bride of just three months when the Iraqi dictator had her husband, father and brother rounded up in a campaign of ethnic cleansing in the northern Iraqi region of Kurdistan. That was 22 years and two Iraq wars ago and they have never been heard from again.

Now 35, the black-clad woman had come to the school-turned-polling station with the mother-in-law and sister-in-law who are all that remains of her family. ``Taking part in the elections is in a way like taking my revenge from Saddam,'' she said. It was ``like embracing my love, my brother and my father.''


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