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04 January 2005

Liberals and Lawyers Sing the Same Tunes

Why should cancer change anything for a notorious child predator priest? In Massachusetts, it's an apparent issue of "compassion" for a monster who destroyed young lives for his own sick pleasure.

His lawyer says prosecutors who want to keep James Porter locked up for the rest of his life just want "vengeance" as he is no longer a threat to society.

Note how lawyers and liberals are interchangeable- they are one and the same. They don't understand the concept of punishment, only misplaced "compassion". A fitting punishment is to spend his final days rotting in jail.

(Boston Globe)
Porter was at the center of a notorious child molestation case a decade ago. He was convicted in 1993 of molesting 28 children during the 1960s and 1970s while he was a priest in the Fall River Diocese.

Porter completed 11 years in prison in January 2004, but has remained in custody while prosecutors seek to have him committed indefinitely.

In April, a judge found enough evidence to hold a trial on a petition by Bristol District Attorney Paul F. Walsh Jr. to have Porter committed as a sexually dangerous person.

Six months later, Porter's lawyer, Michael Farrington, revealed that Porter has an aggressive form of soft tissue cancer and has been told by his doctors that he has only a matter of months to live. Farrington asked a judge to suspend the commitment proceedings for six months.

Prosecutors agreed to a two-month continuance. Dupuis said prosecutors plan to talk to Porter's doctor later this week to see how he has responded to treatment before deciding whether to press ahead with the case against him.

But Farrington called on prosecutors to drop the case, saying Porter is "waiting to die" and is no longer a threat to anyone.

Farrington said Porter is bedridden at Lemuel Shattuck Hospital in Boston, and is not expected to leave the hospital.

"Nothing's going to change. He's waiting to die," Farrington said Monday. "It would appear to me that any responsible public official law enforcement official would dismiss this civil commitment petition at this time."

"The guy is 70 years old, he's got a matter of weeks to live and he's being held because this DA is saying he's a danger to society. How ludicrous is that? It's just a joke. This is nothing more than a punishment. It's just vengeance."


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