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29 January 2005

Why Aren't We Hearing About This?

Have you seen one word about this incident in the American media?

(Stars and Stripes European Edition)
BAGHDAD — Soldiers from the 4th Battalion, 31st Infantry Regiment’s scout platoon foiled a kidnapping attempt of eight Iraqis in Baghdad’s Kadhimiya district Wednesday.

A Ministry of Oil administrator and a few sheiks were among those rescued. Five kidnappers were taken into custody.

The soldiers were patrolling Wednesday night when platoon leader 1st Lt. Jeff O’Dell decided to set up a traffic checkpoint — called a TCP by the soldiers — off a main road.

The 10th Mountain Division soldiers had searched a handful of cars when a van came around the corner into the checkpoint relatively fast, said platoon member Spc. Joshua Edwards.

“He took the corner doing about 30 — that was odd,” he said. “He came to a dead stop and started to back up at the same speed.”

The soldiers forced the vehicle to stop by aiming their weapons at it, then went up to the vehicle.

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