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31 January 2005

Steyn: Spanish Protest Against Iraqi Elections

Apparently left-wing bitterness over Iraq's promising future isn't confined to America. Mark Steyn reports that the enemies of freedom were busy in Spain as well:

(Daily Telegraph)

Driving along and twiddling the radio dial on Sunday night, I caught this tantalising snippet: "In Madrid, demonstrators took to the streets to protest the Iraqi election." I'm fairly blasé about European decadence these days - I barely raised an eyebrow at the news that an unemployed waitress in Berlin faces the loss of her welfare benefits because she's refused to take a job as a prostitute in a legalised brothel - but, even so, it surely couldn't be true that the Spaniards so objected to the Iraqi election that they were protesting about it.

But apparently so. Hard to tell how many there were from the Reuters snap: it was shot fairly close up, the way sympathetic photographers do when they want to make a rally look bigger than it is.

But nevertheless there they were, prosperous, well-dressed Spaniards waving placards showing US missiles and dollar bills going into the ballot box and noisily objecting to the fraud of a so-called election held under American occupation.


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