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31 January 2005

WA: Dems in Race to Pass Bills While They Control it All

Democrats are in a race to revive old, dead bills from past sessions that now have a strong chance of passing with their party in control of both legislative chambers and the governorship, at least for now.

The speed at which they try to pass these bills will tell you whether they are worried that their phony governor may come tumbling down.

On the agenda- making it easier to pass tax increases, gay rights, gun control, you name it:

(Seattle Times)
OLYMPIA — Like jilted lovers with newfound hope, Democrats this year are pushing legislation that always died in past sessions.

Familiar bills that would allow the purchase of drugs from Canada, provide equal insurance coverage for mental-health patients, let school levies pass with a simple majority and ban discrimination against gays are on the roll.

It's all a sign of Democrats controlling the House, the governor's office and especially the Senate, which had been in Republican hands the past two years. Gov. Christine Gregoire has indicated support for many of the measures.

"Everybody whose bill died for the last two years figures it's their turn," said Rep. Hans Dunshee, D-Snohomish.


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