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15 January 2005

What Happens When You Take on Liberal Media Bullies

Do you remember the original Twilight Zone episode where a boy (Billy Mumy) has the power to "wish" people away that he doesn't like, or who give him the slightest amount of trouble?

I'm one of those people sent to the cornfield to disappear, except I chose to fight back.

Turns out even now I am underestimating the viciousness of this liberal media. When you take them on they don't forget or let go.

I see a parallel between my Rathergate link and the much bigger issue of the recent terminations at CBS news. I'll get to that in a moment.

You may recall that several days ago, for the first and only time since my September termination from KIRO radio in Seattle for speaking out against Dan Rather, I provided an update on the story.

The follow-up was carried on a number of major blog and Internet news sites. This blog, which previously had been obscure and really in development more than anything, saw a huge sudden surge in visitor traffic once I posted the update.

In it, I spoke of how the "smoking gun" in the matter was later located, regarding the credibility of station management's ever-changing assertions.

Sure enough, after the piece appeared on this site, reader comments appeared that could have only come from one or more station insiders. Click this link to read them for yourself.

One speaks of my need to "learn lessons" and stop "backstabbing" co-workers. Another mentions that I was really fired because of bad ratings. All of these are new "issues" raised for the first time. No one ever mentioned these allegations at any time in the past. Radio industry lingo is used, such as "aircheck".

By the way, KIRO's liberal talk programming has been struggling terribly since the station lost the right to air Seattle Mariners baseball games in 2002.

Why do this? Because I later discovered the real story, that management had no idea others were attacking Dan Rather on the air. They went around after the fact to see who else might have done it also, in order to stem growing criticism of their handling of the situation.

Once they discovered others had done at least milder versions of my on-air rants, they could say it was being tolerated on the station and that I was being fired for other reasons. Their (later, not initial) claim was that they didn't mind hosts taking on Dan Rather.

Fresh attack methods were necessary because they saw the issue getting new attention after the release of the CBS report.

I think the real "lessons" the one writer mentioned I ought to learn, have more to do with not messing with the leftist hegemony that exists in newsrooms such as KIRO's (I love throwing liberal terms like "hegemony" back in their faces).

Yet it's really not about me. It's about them, the liberal media. They hold grudges, they don't forget. That's why they post notes on blogs months after stories die down.

And this is where the bigger picture comes into play.

Watch out, bloggers, the really good ones, the guys and gals who successfully took on network news and won, at least as much as anyone could ever hope to beat them. They're going to get revenge on you this year, soon.

You're getting too big for your own good, too threatening when you get people fired, whether Dan Rather survives or not, and you're just too much outside of our control. So you're gonna get it.

Watch for it, they are going to find a way to smash the credibility of blogs as fast as they can. Stories linking blogs to terrorism, racism, other hate groups, fascism, you name it, they are cooking it up now. Maybe 20 other approaches I haven't imagined.

Why? It's not just the power you have accumulated, it's the threat you pose to them. Not just to their fading media dominance, but to their very positions. They know they could be your next target and they're not going to let it happen.

Don't say I didn't warn you. Get ready for war, it will be your first true test.


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