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09 January 2005

Would Syria be a Great New Home for Kerry?

Kerry visits Syria, and all he gets is a lousy T-shirt. I'm sure the Syrian goverment had a good laugh at Kerry's expense as he discussed improving US-Syria relations:

(Boston Globe) DAMASCUS, Syria --Former Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry met Saturday with Syria's president and said he was hopeful that strained U.S.-Syrian relations could be improved, provided Washington seized "a moment of opportunity" in the Middle East.

The United States has accused Syria of doing too little to stop insurgents from infiltrating into Iraq to attack coalition forces. Washington also has imposed sanctions on Damascus, accusing it of seeking weapons of mass destruction and hosting Palestinian groups Washington deems to be terrorist organizations.

Syria denies the accusations but says it cannot fully control its long, porous border with Iraq.

"I think we found a great deal of areas of mutual interest, some common concerns and some possibilities for initiatives that could be taken in the future to strengthening the relationship between the U.S. and Syria," Kerry told reporters after meeting with al-Sharaa.

I have some ideas for improved relations, Sen. Kerry: how about an end to state-sponsored terrorism, an end to the occupation of Lebanon and a halt to sending murderous thugs into Iraq? And how about a map to the location of the weapons Saddam most likely hid in Syrian territory?

Is Washington really the problem, Johnny Boy? The "window of opportunity" isn't open until Syria starts to change its ways. No sign of that so far.


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