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01 February 2005

Blog Roundup

Timothy Goddard spells out the DNC's leadership options at The Flag of the World:

I’ve always been pretty certain that the Opportunists would try to coronate someone, anyone, to avoid the DNC getting taken over by Howard Dean and (more importantly) his merry band of Progressives. First they tried Tim Roemer, and that appears to have fallen flat. Now, they may be latching on to Donnie Fowler, Al Gore’s political director for the 2000 campaign.

Matt Rosenberg writes about the future of business blogging in Rosenblog:

If you're considering a company blog, begin your research by going to Google and look up "corporate blogs;" then do a search for "(your industry)" AND "blogs."

When you launch, you want to be able to demonstrate comfort with, and understanding of the open-source, collaborative nature of the blogosphere. It's not just for the sake of appearances. The benefits flow back to your company, that way.

While OrbusMax headlines: "Dean 'Sure Thing' for DNC Chairmanship"

Shark at SoundPolitics reveals that the late Rachel Corrie is still a registered voter in Thurston County, WA:

You'd think they would at least figure out after 70 articles in the local newspaper that Rachel Corrie has left the precinct. How many less prominent Thurston citizens have died and are still on the voter list? How many of them are still voting?


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