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02 February 2005

Bush, Reid and What Worked

In my December Op-Ed for WorldNetDaily, I spelled out why Republicans and conservatives would be unwise to underestimate Harry Reid as Senate Minority Leader. What I meant, though, is that he is more effective in a quiet-but-calculating, behind the scenes manner than opponents outside of Nevada realize.

Clearly, he is not the most effective public face the Democrats should be putting forward now or in the future. Reid relishes his new national opportunity to retell the same boring stories about his childhood that drove Nevadans bonkers after the 1000th time. He doesn't come across in a compelling, authoritative way on television.

Every Harry Reid speech, in addition to his campaigns, mention his modest early upbringing in tiny Searchlight, Nevada. Sure enough, that's how the Democratic Response kicked off. Great, Searchlight has American values, but Harry, what happened to yours along the way? I'll bet there isn't a liberal Democrat anywhere in that dusty town.

President George W Bush has improved considerably when it comes to public speaking skills in the last several years. I don't cringe anymore when I see him on television. In this speech he projected confidence, authority, warmth and a sense of a vision for America.

He spelled out his plan for Social Security reform in simple, clear terms without talking down to the audience. It reminded me of what lent that initial appeal to Ross Perot in 1992, before the weird side began to emerge in public.

Bush isn't perfect and conservatives will have a tough job changing his mind on illegal immigration and other issues, but I like the leadership qualities he displays in a difficult time for our country.


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