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03 February 2005

Garofalo: Blue Ink on Fingers Like a Nazi Salute

A year after Air America's launch listeners are getting a real sense that the level of hate expressed by its hosts, is unlike anything conservative counterparts have ever attempted, yet were often accused of anyway.

In my recent essay for WorldNetDaily, I pointed out how leftist talk radio really hasn't been a ratings success so far outside of Portland, Oregon and has been quite a disaster elsewhere.

So maybe this is for publicity, but since the news media mostly looks the other way in order to cover for their ideological partners-in-crime, it seems more probable that these rantings represent true feelings:

(WorldNetDaily- Feb 03 2005)

Janeane Garofalo makes a Nazi salute on MSNBC to mock Republicans who dipped their fingers in ink

Actress and liberal talk-radio host Janeane Garofalo is taking issue with congressional Republicans who dipped their fingers in ink for President Bush's State of the Union speech as a sign of solidarity with Iraqi voters, likening it to a Nazi salute.

Garofalo actually made the salute this morning as she provided post-speech commentary on MSNBC's "After Hours" program.

"The inked fingers was disgusting," said Garofalo, who is one of the hosts on the Air America radio network.

"The inked fingers and the position of them, which is gonna be a 'Daily Show' photo already, of them signaling in this manner [Nazi salute], as if they have solidarity with the Iraqis who braved physical threats against their lives to vote as if somehow these inked-fingered Republicans have something to do with that."

Iraqi citizens who voted in last weekend's elections dipped their fingers in colored ink to indicate they had voted.


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