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02 April 2005

Weekend Reading Fun

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Brains For Sale in Corrupt King County, Washington:

A bombshell KIRO-TV expose reveals that sleazy, corrupt King County has been selling human brains for profit without the consent of relatives:

(KIRO-TV Investigative Report- Chris Halsne)

More grieving families stepped forward on Friday with accusations that the King County Medical Examiner's Office sold brains for profit without getting consent.

Thursday night, KIRO Team 7 Investigators first exposed how King County shipped about 180 brains to a private research facility out of state.

In return, it got more than $1 million.

Between 1995 and 2004, the King County Medical Examiner was a brain broker. When a dead client with a history of mental illness arrived at the morgue, a pathologist often mailed the brains to Stanley Medical Research in Bethesda, Md. In return, the private research lab sent the county money -- lots more than the cost of processing the tissue, $1.49 million in all. That's $8,300 per brain.

This says a lot about the creepy political culture in Seattle and Olympia, where the mentality is that the government owns you, in life and in death. KIRO-TV and Halsne deserve a display case full of awards for a report of this magnitude.

This is a prime example of what local TV news is still very much capable of when it wants to do real investigative journalism. It deserves to a be a major national news story.

Dr. Plough and King County Executive Ron Sims most certainly must resign immediately as a result of these revelations.

The blogosphere has been active with detailed responses, including additional digging. Some of the best are found at P. Scott Cummins, Christmas Ghost, and Josef's Public Journal. Check Orbusmax for the latest news on this front.

Michelle Malkin Kicks Off Immigration Blog

It's amazing there wasn't a major blog devoted to this topic already, but thanks to Michelle Malkin, now we have it: The Immigration Blog. A number of contributors with a keen interest in the issue are already working hard to make it a huge success.

Matt Margolis Takes on Democrats Over Intelligence Issues

Read it here.

Sandy the Klepto-Man

Michael King's Ramblings Journal has a take here (with some help from Dora). This site is one of my regular destinations on the web.

Hanscom on the Chopping Block

It's Meehan vs. Rumsfeld at MassRight.

Daily Habits

Orbusmax, Cape Cod Today and

Life in Crazy Fremont

Rat Bastard CEO reflects on springtime in the land of Lenin.


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