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11 July 2005

Letter Bag

Oifig An Phoist

Irish for "the post office".

Getting great feedback from readers, here are several:

From David in Washington state:

You don't make much hay over the Seattle Post-Intelligencer's amazing endorsement of the judge's ruling (on talk radio commentary being declared in-kind campaign contributions). They are not only splitting hairs, but the opinion piece is amazingly elitist.

They have backed themselves into a corner, as much airtime across the political spectrum fits within the judge's ruling. You should hammer them.

From J Gorton in Texas:

Here is an interesting article from today's Austin American-Statesman on ABC's "Welcome to the Neighborhood" (which was filmed in Austin).

There is much that is new, and it seems that the neighbors (and some of the pressure groups) have a very different story to tell than what was originally reported.

From Ed Christian, President, Saga Communications:

Brian: Any further info on the Bill Press show? Amazingly enough I have three radio stations where I want to place his show and we, for the life of it, can't get (a) return calls or (b) promises of a package or information on the show from his people.

I have never seen such ineptness since the launch of Air America.

(Ed: this may explain why Press's show still seems to lack a single additional affiliate since my previous essay on the subject. Brian)

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New Wednesday stories on Don Imus and a bizarre new Christian talk format.


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