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13 July 2005

Odd New Christian Talk Network

Bad Ass Christian Talk?

New Religious Format Seeks Audience

Today's All Access online edition contains an ad that had the Radio Equalizer just plain baffled:


WOW! We still have not found the right guy, who does not sound like he works at Salem. For the last time... if you are a FLAME-THROWING AIR-TALENT who has personality and not a limp-wristed girly man sound, send you're Mp3 now to or

Our national network targets christian men 25-54 "No chicks". We pay great not like the other so-called christian radio networks who pay low and bonus with God.

Working for CEN means you can quit the food stamp program you're on while you have been working at those other so-called christian broadcasting companies.

Is this for real? My first thought: wondering if this was a fake ad placed by somebody with an agenda to make Christians look horrible.

The entire ad is a knock on Salem Communications, home to a number of low-rated Christian and secular talk stations. Salem's reputation for low pay is a common perception in the radio industry, whether true or not.

Salem's syndication arm features Michael Medved, Hugh Hewitt and others.

I found the website for this outfit here. Here's what they say they're all about:

At last count there were 72,653,213.5 (approximately) christian men in the United States alone. This is God's army.

Unfortunately his soldiers are unprepared for battle, trying to survive on a diet of commercial radio which drives them to distraction and away from God. With the current state of christian radio programming who could blame them?

There are chrisitian men ready to jump out of windows if they are forced to listen to another Amy Grant song or another preacher peddling prayer clothes and "prosperity". ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, WE'VE HAD IT!

CEN Talk Radio is here to whip God's army into shape by making available funny, intelligent, courageous, God-focused radio specifically designed for today's christian men.

"No Chicks" seems to be their mantra.

There's a full list of programs here, but no indication of where it might be heard. Any stations carrying this? Is this for real, or am I being had?

Is there a big market for bad-ass Christian radio?


  • It's a fascinating combination of "no way" and "common sense." I mean, really, where is it written that just because you believe in God, you have to have the backbone of a slinky?

    I've always wondered if there were a way for Fish stations to move away from the label while upholding the values to get the real Christian audience.

    Can one be cool and Christian?

    I think it's one of those things that'll never happen until it happens and then everybody will wonder why it didn't happen sooner. Or something like that. Grin.

    Great blog, by the way. I was just dropping by for a look.


    By Anonymous the5, at 13 July, 2005 19:44  

  • I don't know about the "no chicks" part, but I've often found myself wishing that "Christian" radio stations weren't so terribly lame, so I suppose there is a market. Of course, if what CEN is looking for is a "Christian" Leykis then they're going to be disappointed by poor ratings.

    By Blogger Nathan, at 13 July, 2005 20:25  

  • These are the end times. The rapture is upon us.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13 July, 2005 20:47  

  • Sounds custom made for Doug Giles or maybe someone who's copying Giles' "Clash Radio." If you're not familiar with him, you need to check him out at "" He's a trip! He also has a column at

    By Blogger rich glasgow, at 14 July, 2005 00:43  

  • Wasn't there a "topical" Christian host a few years ago, Bob Larson, who would sound much like a "let's get controversial" talk host? Abortion,
    satanic lyrics in songs, etc.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14 July, 2005 03:21  

  • Bob Larson's deal was that he was basically selling stuff and promoting his rallies where he would "cast out demons", etc. It
    was brokered time on small religious AM stations in the 80s and 90s. It was not intentionally entertaining -- it just came off that way to a group of people who call themselves "recreational Christians."

    This link has more info:

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14 July, 2005 03:43  

  • I listened to the audio of the morning guy and called the 800 number he was giving out. It's a porn line.


    By Anonymous Dan Gaffney, at 14 July, 2005 11:25  

  • At the website, there's a full program schedule.

    I think there's a place for edgy, interesting Christian talk. Yes, a lot of it is really boring and aimed only at elderly listeners.

    But the "no chicks" and "limp-wristed" references just don't sound very Christian to me.

    By Blogger Brian Maloney, at 14 July, 2005 13:39  

  • We do need better radio, but did anyone else catch the "CEN"..."SIN"?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14 July, 2005 15:10  

  • How about a show where the host speaks exclusively in tongues?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14 July, 2005 15:36  

  • After the Rapture, can I have your stuff? How about your daughters?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 15 July, 2005 16:28  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger Derek, at 19 July, 2005 11:50  

  • OK, it sounds like the joke is over. The web site links don't go anywhere now. Are they still around?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 29 July, 2005 13:42  

  • It was supposed to be up and running August 1.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 02 August, 2005 13:43  

  • Paul Keaton and Evan Yeh who are the players behind this network spent some time here in Rogersville, Tennessee which was supposed to be the new home of CEN. I had been talking to them several times a day about their plans, but have suddenly lost track of them. The concept sounds good, but I'm not sure what they're planning now. If anyone has further I'd be happy to know about it.

    By Blogger The RogVegas Sniper, at 14 August, 2005 12:29  

  • Well tried to contact RogVegas about Paul Keaton but the site is down or something, I keep getting site fatal error after I put my passport info in the popup window. I know where Paul is now and can relay info if RogVegas, he can contact me at

    By Blogger GHOSTMAN, at 28 December, 2005 16:53  

  • Well tried to contact RogVegas about Paul Keaton but the site is down or something, I keep getting site fatal error after I put my passport info in the popup window. I know where Paul is now and can relay info if RogVegas, he can contact me at

    By Blogger GHOSTMAN, at 28 December, 2005 16:53  

  • Can someone be cool and Christian?
    Sure, but can you be Christian and work at Salem. Not in Cleveland Ohio. I worked there for four years. I was the number one biller, and while I was paid well I felt like I was selling my soul to the devil.

    The mental abuse to their employees, the behind the scenes abuse and mistreatment of employees was appalling and I'm quite certain illegal.

    The Fish is far from being a family station. I am glad to announce I'm back at Clear Channel.
    The pay is just as good and they uphold workplace value and morals. (I guess they read the manual on harassment in the workplace). It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it's a refreshing welcome and pleasure to be back working in a professional atmosphere.

    By Blogger radio guy, at 19 February, 2006 23:07  

  • So, I have news about the CEN Talk Radio. My name is Bradley Hofbauer and these guys, Paul and Evan, came to me offering the "deal of a lifetime" since I am a musician. Check out my "Website" they built for me at This was of course after they paid for three weeks of recording time and a $20000 advance in bouncing checks. That was cool. Glad I gave up my job as a teacher at inner-city schools to "serve God" with these guys.

    Oh wait, then they told me they were angels after the checks bounced. Sorry, that slipped my mind when I was paying back bills for 2 months and getting my feet back on the ground while my wife is in medical school.

    So, now I am back to teaching (which I love) and serving God in a real way with real kids. Hope those angels find what they were looking for. And I hope you never get robbed by them.

    By Blogger Bradley, at 31 March, 2006 01:07  

  • Well I actually "worked" for Paul and Evan in Rogersville Tn.( was supposed to do midnite to 6 doing "revealations with Jack Casey").
    They still owe me 5000.00 in pay.
    There never was a studio to work out of and the rent for the "office" and "studio" never got paid.
    Paul had his RV that he was living out of with his wife and 11 daschunds repo'd and started living out of a motel in Kingsport.
    Nothing of what Paul said was the truth EVER.
    This guy is the king of all liars second only to bealzubub himself.
    BTW, Paul's real name is Guy Kemp and his wife has since left him (good for her) because of the aweful way she was treated by him (which I personally experienced).
    Hang in there Bradley and
    contact me if you wish at
    If anyone wants more information on this slimeball Paul, contact the afore mentioned email addy.

    By Blogger Kasey, at 13 July, 2006 18:43  

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