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26 September 2005

Kennedy's Selective Outrage


Kennedy: 'Six Men Control News Content'

Could Air America's radio hosts possibly be in a stickier situation?

While they rail endlessly against Bush and "corporate America", more damning revelations are uncovered almost daily about their own company's sleazy actions. Yet the network's personalities continue to pretend nothing is happening.

Compounding the on-air dishonesty: fiery public speeches filled with especially ironic ethical allegations. Don't they feel guilty, knowing their own hands are unclean in the integrity category?

After all, even if they weren't directly involved in the Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club scandal, where $875,000 in taxpayer funds were apparently diverted to the liberal talk network, the cash infusion did enrich Air America's coffers.

How can they have a moral leg to stand on, while remaining silent on this sleazy situation?

Hypocrisy's poster child is the increasingly extreme Robert F Kennedy, weekend Air America host. Why would anyone listen to a word he says?

Clearly, some still do, at least in granola country. Speaking at Maine's Unity College, Kennedy managed to keep a straight face while delivering this tired tirade:

(via Village Soup)

Robert Francis Kennedy Jr. “We have a negligent and indolent press that has let the American people down,” he said.

But that’s not surprising, according to Kennedy, when only six men decide what news will be broadcast on almost all of the more than 20,000 radio and television stations in the country.

With right-wing, pseudo-religious talk radio the major source of news for many Americans, it’s no surprise that Bush won re-election in 2004, according to Kennedy.

“There is no difference between the aspirations and values in the red states (which went for Bush in 2004) and the blue states (which favored John Kerry),” said Kennedy.

“There is no moral difference, but there is a huge information difference … The residents of the red states are just Democrats who don’t know what’s going on.”

But a short time later, Kennedy suggested there were some important moral distinctions between the conservative, deeply religious red states and the liberal, relative secular blue states.“Massachusetts,” said Kennedy, “ has the lowest divorce rate in the nation … In fact, the 10 lowest divorce rates are all blue states.

“I had my research assistant check, and a resident of a red state is more likely to murder you, impregnate your teenage daughter, commit a violent crime against you, commit a nonviolent crime against you, buy pornography …”

Kennedy suggested the conservative, religious “patriots” who are running the country are neither conservative, religious nor patriotic.

“They have torn the conserve out of conservatism,” he said.

“They have violated every one of the manifold mandates of the Christian faith. And I look at the White House and say, ‘How did they get all of these draft dodgers in the same place?' … All of these guys loved the war in Vietnam, they just wanted someone else to fight it.”

Kennedy encouraged people to be skeptical of what the White House said. “Look at where their feet are going, rather than their rhetoric.”

Mr. Kennedy, shouldn't we really be skeptical of what you say?

Might we instead keep an eye on Air America's feet, lest they find another charity to raid?

Mr. Kennedy, why won't you address the sleaze and dishonesty that's made your radio network harmful to New York's inner-city children? And how can you expect to maintain a shred of public credibility in the meantime?

Meanwhile, it's time to have a drink with six buddies of mine.

RFK Jr. photo: Wikipedia

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  • And to think someone said it was all about Franken on here.

    For shame.

    By Blogger Sailor Republica, at 26 September, 2005 21:08  

  • Thanks, lots of good stuff over at RFK,Jr's Ring of Fire radio show over the weekend. They did a comprehensive job covering the looming energy predicament our nation is facing.
    I covered it HERE.

    By Blogger @whut, at 26 September, 2005 21:28  

  • Heard RFK Jr. on Hannity--he actually talked about the "right-wing-controlled media in this country".
    Yes, CNN, CBS, NBC, NPR, NY Times,
    Boston Globe, ABC, et al--talk about a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy :)

    Unless he means talk radio which is dominated by conservatives (because _we know how to best do talk radio_...)

    By Blogger raccoonradio, at 27 September, 2005 02:28  

  • I've been seeing the "Blue states have lower divorce rates" talking point turning up a lot, lately. Anybody know if it's legit? I suspect it may be because there's a lot more shacking up in blue states. Any stats?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27 September, 2005 10:48  

  • RFK Jr. is not a serious man.

    By Blogger eLarson, at 27 September, 2005 14:25  

  • raccoonradio said "Heard RFK Jr. on Hannity--he actually talked about the "right-wing-controlled media in this country".
    Yes, CNN, CBS, NBC, NPR, NY Times,
    Boston Globe, ABC, et al--talk about a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy :)"

    i'm gonna have to go ahead and set you straight on several of the outlets you mentioned. bear with me, this may take a while.

    Disney owns and operates the ABC radio distribution- their line up is dominated by partisan Republican talkers like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.
    Disney owns the Family Channel that carries Pat Robertson’s 700 Club

    MSNBC (the cable news channel of NBC) is owned by General Electric.
    MSNBC together with Newsweek produced a series of stories on tort-reform called “Civil Wars” – one story actually classified class action lawsuits as a cash cow for attorneys.
    Jack Welch, Chairman of GE once told Larry Grossman (former President of NBC News) – “You work for GE!”

    CBS, owned by Viacom aired what many consider to be a pro-Bush propaganda piece called “DC 9/11” about the administrations actions on September 11 – the Movie was thoroughly discredited as being inaccurate

    The NYT argument and the Boston Globe argument can be countered by the Washington Times. but in all fairness, the NYT and Boston Globe are liberal outlets. considering the fact that they are based in liberal cities and states, i'd call that one a given.

    By Blogger liberal outlaw, at 27 September, 2005 17:40  

  • Funny, Brian,
    You don't refute what Mr. Kennedy says, with any facts you simply smear him with a scandal with which he has nothing to do.
    Talk about the indolent media. You are the poster boy. Stop being so intellectually lazy and point out a couple of things that were wrong. But, that's not "talk show style." And your show airs where?

    By Blogger Nevada Political Overspin, at 27 September, 2005 23:08  

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